Stalking the Bard, the newest member of the Blankbaby Media Empire

Stalking the BardI like to think of myself as a quiet guy, but it would seem that I must have a lot to say, otherwise why would I be starting yet another blog?

Your guess is as good as mine (my guess? Keeping myself busy keeps my inner demons a peace, and doesn't give me time to reflect on my life) but another blog I have. Stalking the Bard is all about me and Shakespeare (Willy Shakespeare that is). It might not be for everyone, but I think I'll have a blast writing it. Check out my first post over there to find out what the heck it is all about.

Who the heck is reading this?


I know Feedburner stats are more art than science, but 281 subscribers? I am not even all that interesting to myself, so why the heck are you people reading this?

Make no mistake, I love you all as if you were my own children. I am giving you a big old virtual hug right now, but in the words of William Shatner, 'Get a life!'

Why must I be a night owl?

It never fails, I get a little sleepy and than BAM! Out of no where I get this burst of creative energy. I was chatting with Marisa earlier, and she said, 'I have to go to bed.' And go to bed she did (I assume), and I thought that was a good idea. So I was preparing to go to bed when I said to myself, 'Oh, I'll just take a look at some of that Fork You footage I have for this week's episode.' An hour and a half later I am now encoding the episode and I am not tired in the least.

What up with that?

Off to Macworld 07

I haven't exactly been a bloggin' machine over the last week or so, and don't expect that to change too much this week. At the moment I'm sitting in bucolic Terminal D of Philadelphia International Airport awaiting the boarding call for my 8:30 flight to San Francisco. That's right, kids and kiddies, I'm off to yet another Macworld (check out last year's pictures).

Ahh, I just heard that this flight is oversold. Woo! That's just great. Luckily, I upgraded to 'Economy Plus' at check-in though sadly I still have a middle seat (and that isn't just said for me but sad for the two other people in my row, but what can you do. At least I have lost some weight, so it shouldn't be too bad for those folks).

December Philadelphia Bloggers' Meetup

Event CzarI have been a bad meetup organizer, it is true. Not only did I miss the last two Philly Blogger Meetups, but I neglected to remind folks that they were even happening.

I'm a jackass.

However, this month I remembered! Tomorrow every blogger in Philadelphia should join us at the Ten Stone for holiday cheer and some bloggerly love. Here are the details:

When: Saturday, December 16, 2006, 3:00 PM


Ten Stone Bar & Restaurant
2063 South St
Philadelphia , PA 19146
(215) 735-9939

We'll be in the back giggling and trackbacking. You won't be able to miss us.

Fork You is alive!

This is a long time coming, but Fork You is alive! What the heck is Fork You? Why, it is a cooking video podcast that I am doing with Marisa, Thad, and Angie. The first episode is up, and I want you all to watch it. The audio needs some work (and it'll be better in the second episode, which we have already shot).

Let us know what you think in the comments.

White House Photo 'blog'

It pleases me to no end when I see 'old media' companies blogging.  The White House Photo of the Day from Time is a great idea.  Have your White House photographer post a photo a day from the stack of shots that she takes but aren't used.  What a great idea!

Too bad it isn't really a blog.  Why not?  Well, it is missing two things that most people take as the baseline for something being considered a blog:

  • Comments (this one is debatable, since many blogs don't have comments.  Gruber, I'm looking at you).
  • No feed.  This one, I'm afraid, I will not budge on.  If you don't have a feed, you have a website not a blog.