TypePad, you disappoint me


I've been a happy TypePad user for about six years now (yes, I wrote a book about WordPress, which  you should buy, but that doesn't mean I can only like one blogging engine. If anyone wants me to write a book about TypePad let me know and we'll talk) and for most of that time I've been extremely happy with it.

Today I'm hanging out at Barnes and Noble and using a laptop that doesn't have MarsEdit on it, so that means I had to log into TypePad to compose a post (this post isn't the reason I logged into TypePad, but I figured I might as well post whilst I was still slightly miffed). My blog is using TypePad's new interface which is pretty snazzy (though this text field I am typing in is pretty laggy which shouldn't happen on a new MacBook Pro with 4 gigs of RAM). One of the new features, it seems, is an alert system that SixApart can use to try and get me to visit their TypePad blog when I am composing a post. Sweet!

You can see it up there in that image, it is that yellow banner suggesting I check out this post for some bloggerly inspiration. Now, there is a red 'x' that allows you to close the alert but why the heck is TypePad advertising their blog to me when I am trying to post something to my own blog? I could understand if TypePad were free, but it isn't. In fact, TypePad positions itself as the service for 'serious bloggers.' Should serious bloggers be pandered to with yet another pointless top ten list right at the moment when inspiration has struck (otherwise why would I be on the Compose a Post screen)? I think not.

Now, there might be a preference somewhere to turn this annoyance off (which would be great) but I don't think this sort of thing has any place on a paid blogging service. 

I am starting to loathe Typepad

I have given Sixapart a chance.  I understand it isn't easy to scale up a complicated service for millions of users, but the slowness of the application, and the near daily disabling of statistics is getting to be too much.

I mean, I do pay for this service; I think it only right that I expect a certain level of service.  Sadly, I am not getting that level of service from Typepad any more, and I think I am going to start transitioning to a different platform if I don't see dramatic improvements soon.

Oh, and how about some new features while you're at it (like RSS feeds for categories)?  I can't remember the last notable feature that Typepad introduced.

HowTo: Export your posts from Typepad

Export TypepadGiven the recent wackiness with Typepad, I thought it would be a good idea to export all my posts as a backup. I went through all the steps and I thought to myself, 'This isn't hard to do but if you don't even know this exists you're pretty much screwed.'

I have created this short video tutorial on how to export your posts from Typepad to help others do it for themselves. Right click on the link to save it to your desktop (the video is in Quicktime and clocks in around 10 megs for about 4 minutes of video).

Let me know if you found it useful and perhaps I'll do some more of these screencasts.