Today's Shirt

Random Trek T-shirt


I have a podcast called Random Trek in which I discuss a random episode of Star Trek with a non-random guest. It is a hoot. You should listen to it.

You should also buy one of these nifty Random Trek t-shirts (available for a very limited time). Why? Because my little podcast could use the support, and I could use the ego boost of having more than 12 people want to wear a t-shirt promoting a project of mine (really, it is all about me).

Buy a shirt, damn it!

Also, if you haven't been listening to the podcast why not check out a few episodes. The most helpful review on iTunes raves:


Why wouldn't you listen?

Hawaiian shirt season extended

Photo on 12-4-12 at 11.00 AM
Generally come Decemeber it is time for me to put away my Hawaiian shirts (other than my Christmas themed shirts, which I wear to holiday parties) and surrender to the long sleeved shirt.

Thanks to the unseasonable weather here in Philly (today's high is 65) Hawaiian shirt season has been extended. Look how happy I am!

I'm wearing the newest addtion to my shirt collection to work today (the Moon Festival Camp shirt).

No nook makes Scott sad


I preordered the new Nook from B&N. UPS said it was supposed to be delivered today. I did what anyone would: refreshed the UPS page over and over again until the status changed to delivered.

Sadly, the status didn't turn to delivered. It seems B&N told UPS to hand over the package to the Post Office for final delivery. Instead of getting it today, I should be getting it tomorrow.


Bray Tower


We had a lovely Memorial Day Weekend in Northampton, MA thanks to our gracious (and very generous) hosts Becky and Eric.

Becky is my oldest blog buddy, so it was a bummer when she and Eric decided to move to Northampton. That being said, they seem to be settling in very nicely what with the plentiful sausage and ice cream opportunities (plus there I think there might be a bookstore or two around the area… but I'm not sure).

Don't tell my boss


Change is a constant in our lives, is it not?

It seems like only yesterday I penned my last post as Chief Blogger at Comcast (where I'm known simply as "the former Chief Blogger for Comcast Voices," brevity makes the heart grow fonder) to start my adventures (for the second time) at Wharton.

Since being back at Wharton I've moved offices 3 times. My latest is a shared office with Barry (seen hard at work in the picture above).

Hence the name of today's shirt, "Don't tell my boss."