All the cool kids are using Stored Procedures

Macromedia has posted an article onUsing Stored Procedures with ColdFusion for the beginner.

The scenario: You are a ColdFusion developer and your boss has asked you to create a simple web-based employee directory using ColdFusion to access stored procedures that the database administration group of your company created. For security reasons, you can only use stored procedures, not direct queries, to access the data from a sensitive personnel database. How do you succeed at developing the application?

Worth a look if you are thinking about using Stored Procedures in your Coldfusion, but you don't know where to start.

For you SQL Server geeks out there

SQL 2005 Sneak Peek

As I have mentioned many times, I use Oracle at work, but before that it was all SQL Server. I must say that I likeOracle's stability (I haven't had to touch, or reboot, or Oracle server for alomst a year, except for applying the latest Microsoft patches), but Oracle's GUI tools suck, at least in 8i.

SQL Server has a much better GUI, and it looks like it is only getting more powerful.

Regular Expressions in Oracle Database 10g

Regular Expressions in Oracle Database 10g

A new feature of Oracle Database 10g vastly improves your ability to search and manipulate character data. This feature,regular expressions, is a notation for describing textual patterns. It has long been available in many programming languages and a number of UNIX utilities.

Ok, so we are still using 8i at work, but this rocks! I wonder if we can skip directly to 10g. I doubt it though, ah well there is so much I don't know about Oracle, so no matter what version we use I will have lots to learn.

Ask Tom RSS Feeds

Sean Dillon explains how the Ask Tom RSS Feeds are generated.

I am very excited about this, because at work we are going to be upgrading to Oracle 9i with in the next few months, and I will be able to play around with creating RSS feeds for our Major Gifts officers, and integrating it into our, as of yet undeveloped, intranet.