Damn Software gnomes

Nick Bradbury bemoans silly, forgetful users:

It usually turns out that the person downloaded a trial version, installed it, then completely forgot about it. When they find it again, they assume that I somehow secretly installed it on their computer. Like I'm some sort of software gnome who visits people during the night, installing my products while they sleep.

Some people believe that there computer has an agenda of its own. These people worry me.

Hal, open the podbay doors.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Why no RSS?

Microsoft's Scripting Guys have a new feature called Hey, Scripting Guy!, in which they answer a scripting question a day.

Unlike most technical writers the Scripting Guys write in an easy, relaxed style that is informative and entertaining.

My only beef with the site (do people still use that phrase?) is that there is no feed.

Come on Microsoft, do you really expect me to visit this webpage every day? Perhaps Scoble can pull some strings for Philadelphia's Most Influential Blogger™ and get them to put up a feed, and perhaps interview them for Channel9.

I want my RSS (or Atom)!

A Few Macromedia Links for you


Ok, I haven't posted in a long time, but man oh man! I have seen the light and I am embracing AppleScript all the way! In fact, that link there was generated by AppleScript.

Very cool no? I know, I know. You're all like, 'Why not just type the links yourself?'

Answer: I am damned lazy, hence the AppleScript.

The idea for this script came from, which has a number of wonderful scripts for Apple's Safari.

I will give more details later, and post the script, if someone cares.