Scott and Chris in the Evening

Hug and release, people!

wlvr_scotty_and_chris_b&w_small.jpgWhilst I was in college Chris, a good friend and housemate at the time, was seeing a girl who he met because she listened to our radio show (long story). She was a very nice girl, but she didn't follow 'Scott's Rules of Hugging.' If I have known you for awhile you can feel free to hug me with impunity. However, if I haven't known you long and you insist on hugging me you MUST hug and release. A quick hug and then we both go our separate ways. Is that so wrong?

Well, Wendy wouldn't have any of it. She would back me into a corner and hug me uncomfortably long. Perhaps my first misstep was sharing with her my rules of hugging (which I just shared with you all, so no doubt someone who reads this is going to try and hug me for a little TOO long).

Wendy also, incidentally, took the picture that graces this post.

Anyway, it looks like I am going to have to evade more and more hug since hugs are the new handshakes:

Men accustomed to the automatic and dependable hand clasp accompanied with a brisk up-and-down pump at dinner parties and college reunions, now must preface their greetings or goodbyes with intricate and split-second calculations based on body language, length of friendship and other factors. Do I shake or do I hug? Making the right choice matters. If one guy goes for the hug, but the other decides upon a handshake, they might collide. An excruciating dance will follow, as the poor lads work feverishly to determine what to do with their hands, their arms, their bodies.

Life just got a little more complicated. Can't we all just stand at a respectful distance and nod to one another? Would that be too difficult?

Scott and Chris in the Studio

One of the great things about have a blog that your friends read is that after you post something that mentions them you get an email with this in it:


Chris emailed and said:

You better post this in your Blog....

I think we both look surprisingly the same as we did
back then.

This picture is so great because it sums up our experiences in the studio; I'm hard at work and Chris is staring off into the distance.

Scott and Chris in the Evening circa Nov. 16th 1998

Here's a fun Scott fact, I hosted, along with Chris, a weekly radio show at Lehigh. We called it 'Scott and Chris in the Evening' with the evening reflecting the time of day that our show was actually on (i.e. morning, afternoon, ect.).

I have a few tapes of our shows, and yesterday I converted one of the tapes into an MP3 that I thought I would share with all of you! Now, keep in mind that Chris and I were just having fun and not taking this thing seriously. We have a lot of 'banter' which was really just an excuse to make each other laugh.

Now I cut out all of the music to make the file smaller, and the file isn't all that high quality, but it was fun for me to listen to again.

Here is the file, it is about 10 megs, and goes on for about 30 minutes. Listening to it made me remember how much fun it was, and I think I am starting to understand the alure of podcasting. Perhaps Chris and I should do a podcast of our very own! :)

Oh, and if you want to listen to it please save it to your hard drive by right clicking instead of streaming it from my server. Thanks!

Also, my voice is much sexier in real life, just an FYI for all the ladies out there, though the things I say in that voice are as goofy as they were in 1998.