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    Women used to say that to me often

    As soon as I took my shirt off she said, “This isn’t going to work.”

    I had made an appointment to see my cardiologist since I realized I hadn’t seen him in 2 years (I had the rather reasonable expectation that they would call me for a check in! My doctor was surprised to hear that they kept refilling my meds without an appointment) and my heart was acting up a wee bit so I thought I should pop in and make sure I wasn’t dying (well, any more than at the expected rate).

    An ECG is a pretty standard part of a cardiologist visit, and the doctor doesn’t do them because they’re too busy or something. This is how I found myself topless in a very small examination room with a doubting nurse.

    You see, in order to make the ECG happy the electrodes have to be in firm contact with skin. If you’ve never seen me shirtless you may be surprised to learn that I am a very hirsute fellow. Very hirsute. One look at me and that nurse started searching for her razor.

    She explained to me that she’d give it a shot but they may have to shave me. She also said, “They don’t let me shave people so I’d have to find someone else to do it.”

    I didn’t ask why they don’t let her shave people because I’m sure the reality would be disappointing. But the possible reasons? So entertaining.

    Luckily for me, and the random person assigned to shave patients for Sharon Scissorhands, the nurse was able to, with the usage of a lot of tape, make the ECG contacts happy.

    I could tell she was a pro because she said, “Sorry” seconds before ripping the contacts off of my chest (making it slightly less hairy in the process).

    Oh, and the ECG was fine.

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  • $20?!

    I went into the office yesterday, as you do, and I decided to try something a little different. I go into the office twice a week, usually, and have done so for the last several months.

    And for the last several months I’ve been having the exact same thing for lunch when I’m in the office: chicken over rice from a food cart (I go to the same one, and the person who runs it starts my order when they see me. I don’t even need to say anything!). It costs $7 and is quite tasty, plus it saves me the effort of trying to figure out what to have for lunch.

    Yesterday I thought I’d live a little bit and try something different. I happened to find myself in front of Dig, a fast casual place I’ve been to before. I figured I’d pop in and get some chicken over farro (LIVING ON THE EDGE!).

    Dig’s food is very tasty, however, I didn’t notice that a price list was no where to be found. When I went to pay for my bowl (with double chicken and tip) I found that it cost a little over $20.

    I was quite surprised, but I wasn’t going to cancel my order (which I was holding) at that point… so I paid and off I went to eat it.

    That’s when I discovered the farro has squash in it now (I don’t like squash). Sigh.

    Despite all of that, it was tasty…but I don’t think it was three times as tasty as my normal lunch. And not worth $20.

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  • Dice Advent Calendar – Day 12

    I know this isn’t the most exciting content, but I am very much enjoying my dice advent calendar! And look at that d10.

    Fun fact: I scouted the most locations in our apartment for this picture, because I care.

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    Dice Advent Calendar – Day 10 & 11

    Well, it was bound to happen. We skipped a day and then I forgot to post the make up post yesterday.

    But look at that fancy d6 and d8! And on a related coaster.

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    Trek Tree 2022

    Trek Tree 2022

    Over the course of a few nights I’ve managed to get my Star Trek tree all decked out. During that process I made a stunning discovery: there’s an ornament missing!

    Well, not missing… it is just one that I don’t have! I bought the Enterprise tree topper which interacts with some Star Trek “story teller” ornaments when a button on its remote is pressed. I thought I had all the story teller ornaments but it turns out I missed one: Scotty!

    I have ordered it from Amazon, so Christmas is saved.

    And just in a fellow Star Trek ornament nerd is reading this I do know that I’m missing more than one Star Trek ornament from my collection… but I mostly just get the ships.

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    That can’t be right…

    I just popped open 1Writer to draft a post for this very blog, and was greeted with the above document. A strong start… and then the rest of the document is blank.

    I am, in fact, thankful for several things, though I can’t think of any of them at the moment.

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    Poll: Garland Edition

    As we decorated our tree this year my world was shaken. I had always assumed that everyone who decorates a Christmas tree puts garland at the same point in the decorating cycle. Turns out we are a split garland family, which got me to thinking… what do most people do?

    I also think the garland should be the silver tinsel kind, but I’m willing to allow variants

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  • Dice Advent Calendar – Day 9

    Ahh, there we go! Back to the d4. I like the looks of this one, but I don’t think that typeface is particularly readable.

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  • Perhaps this person was unfamiliar with Disney theme parks before their visit

    I sacrificed a vacation day and a hard-earned $159 to stand in line for 3½ hours to experience a five-minute ride on “Avatar Flight of Passage.” The safari train ride had a wait time of more than two hours. For an extra $22, we had the option to “jump the line,” but it was not available for either ride.

    Opinion | No magic in this visit to a Disney theme park – The Washington Post

    I’m shocked to hear that the theme park was expensive and crowded.

    Boggles my mind when I read people complain about these sorts of places. “There were too many children!” Really? Adults are welcome to enjoy whatever theme parks they like, but come on! They are made for kids and to part their parents from lots of money.

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  • Dice Advent Calendar – Day 8

    I was expecting another d4, but the calendar swerved and served up a custom d6 with red pips. It is a very nice looking die, and a nice advertisement for Gamma Rae Geek.

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    Smart plug, not so smart Scott

    Oh, Christmas tree

    We setup our Christmas tree last night. I thought, “gee, I wish I had an extra smart plug so I could schedule the tree lights to turn off and on.”

    We live in an age of miracles and wonder, so I ordered a smart plug and got it today. I went to plug it into the hidden power strip the tree is plugged into and what did I notice? The smart plug I bought last year to do this same exact thing.

    At least it still works!

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  • Microblogging from MarsEdit

    I’ve upgraded MarsEdit, my Mac blogging tool of choice, to version 5 which includes a new “microblogging” function.

    Basically, it allows you to post to your blog just like you’d post on Twitter… so I am trying that out.

    Exciting, huh?

    Update: It worked! It would be nice to be able to set a default category for all the microblog posts, though!

  • Dice Advent Calendar – Day 7

    Hey, look! A “natural” 20.

    Ahh, we have fun here. Also, I got a d20 today from my advent calendar. Woo! (Though I took this picture on day 8 because I’m a time traveller).

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  • Dice Advent Calendar – Day 6

    A d12! Shocking.

    I’ve been a bit of a jerk about the lack of surprises, but I must say that I really do like this set of dice so far!

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  • Dice Advent Calendar – Day 5

    As foretold, today brings a percentile die to go along with our d10.

    Dare I suggest tomorrow will hold a d12?

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  • Dice Advent Calendar – Day 4

    I guess I’m making this a thing, so I’ll try to make the pictures a little more interesting.

    And this day brings us a d10! I’m gonna guess tomorrow will hold a percentile die to go along with this.

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  • Dice Advent Calendar – Day 3

    Who could have guessed a d8?

    I’m thinking there might be a d10 lurking in my future!

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    Small Things Like These by Claire Keegan *****


    I haven’t forgotten about my quest to read all the Booker Prize-nominated books! I have just been busy reading other things.

    At this point, the prize has been awarded, but I shall continue on, dear readers, because that’s the sort of person I am.

    Also, because so far, these books have been rather good. Who would have thought it?

    Not so long ago, I read “We Don’t Know Ourselves” by Fintan O’Toole, which is his personal history of modern Ireland. It was very good, though I’d only recommend it to people who either are very interested in modern Irish history or those who lived it. In the book, Fintan writes about the Irish people’s ability to hold two opposite “truths” in their minds and treat each as fact. For example, he writes about a certain priest who everyone knew was having affairs (with consenting women) and fathering children. But at the same time, everyone knew that priests were celibate so all that hanky-panky just wasn’t happening. Even though it was, and they knew it.

    Small Things Like These” pushes that sort of factual twilight into a very personal and small tale of a guy in an Irish village in 1985 who sells coal and just wants to support his family. He’s not looking to make waves, though he also has moments of longing for something more. And then he’s face to face with a truth about the local convent that he knew before… but he could just gloss over it in his mind.

    One of the things I like most about this slender volume is that the main character is a good person. But when he has this encounter, his first thought is basically, “I just want to go home.”

    This book is very short and yet quite powerful. And puts into mundane reality the great evil that were the Magdalene Laundries.

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  • Dice Advent Calendar – Day 1

    A d4 is probably a good way to start… now where to go but up!

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