Live8 Philly

4th of July, a weekend in pictures

CheesesteakThis weekend was jammed packed full of activity. First the WINS higher ups were in town to blog Live 8, so I had drinks with them Friday evening. Then, Friday night Owen and Thad (college buddies) were in town so we hung out. Saturday was Live 8 and a bbq at Julie's. Sunday I woke up on Julie's
couch and then headed home where I sat down on my couch and promptly fell asleep. Monday brought with it Bryan Adams, Rufus Wainwright, and Elton John (now with fireworks).

So much to talk about (well except for Sunday. Let us never speak of it again), and each day deserves an entry of its own, and that's the way it will be.

However, if you hate words but love pictures, this album sums up my weekend very nicely. Look at it, you know you want it.

Mad props to Philebrity, as the kids say

Philebrity, which was getting a little too snarky, even for me, has redeemed themselves with their hilarious coverage of Live 8.

Plus they added a blogroll and Blankbaby is on it, but mostly they get the 'mad props' for the Live 8 coverage.


I mean it.

Stop looking at me that way.

I am NOT a link whore.

I'm going home.


Yes, I know I'm sitting on my couch in my apartment. Thanks for deflating my dramatic exit.

Ok, fine, I'll go

So, Live 8 is tomorrow, and I live but a stone's throw away from where it is all going down.  I originally planned to remain in my apartment, with the lights turned off and the windows boarded up to avoid the massive crowds that will descend upon Philly.

However, I have decided that I should go, and now that I know when people are going to be playing (Thanks, Janice!)  I have no reason not to go.  I'll check out the crowds, maybe even do some moblogging.

One of my biggest concerns is that there will be 1 million people there, and 400 - 600 port-a-potties.  That doesn't seem like enough.  However, I live close enough that I can poop in style at Stately Blankbaby Manor, and not have to deal with the port-a-potty issue at all.

I'm sure I will post some stuff to PhillyFuture, and here as well.

Live8 invades Philly

Everyone in Philly is talking about one thing, the recent launch of Blankbaby Media.

No, that doesn't sound right... oh yeah, Live8.

Albert will be there covering it for Philly Future with press credentials and everything!  Pretty awesome.  I was going to apply for a press pass, but there were lots of steps involved and I just didn't feel like doing it.

Philly Future is pulling out all the stops and is trying to be the one stop shop for Live8 Philly news, there is even a special Live8 page.  I may be posting on there with my thoughts on the crowds, the bands, and the general vibe (I don't think I will like any of it).

Jason Calacanis, my boss at Weblogs, Inc, is importing himself and 3 other bloggers into Philly, taking advantage of 4 press passes, to cover Live8 over at Live8Insider.  I have offered up my services to Jason, and he has asked me to take pictures of the crowd, so I'll take some pictures of the expected 1 million person strong crowd.  Look for them on Live8Insider at some point.  It'll be fun to meet some other WINS folk though, if I actually get a chance to meet them (there will be a million freakin' people there!  And the 4 WINS people will be backstage so chances are slim I'm thinking).