I'm handy, darn it!

villa-1.jpgWhen you think 'Scott McNulty' the first word that comes to mind probably isn't 'handy' (I imagine the first word that comes to mind is 'Man Candy,' but I could be mistaken). It is true that I am not known for my way with power tools, however, I have been a long time aficionado of Do It Yourself shows. I'm more likely to write a check and have Someone Do It For Me, but since today is the manliest day of the year (Super Bowl! Woo! Go team!) I thought I should do something appropriately macho.

I replaced the doorknob on my bathroom door, and I did it all by myself without reading the instructions. Can you smell the testosterone?

You might wonder why I was replacing the doorknob on my bathroom door, and I will tell you. The second week I was in this apartment (I have been here for almost 2 years now) I locked myself out of the bathroom. This normally wouldn't have been an issue. I would just take my time and figure out a way to get in without damaging anything. Sadly, I really had to pee. I broke the mechanism that keeps the door closed (but the knob itself was fine) and urinated.

The door stayed that way until today (freaking some people who have used my bathroom out a little. 'Umm.. Scott, why doesn't your bathroom door close?' 'Oh, I like to watch. Carry on.'). However, today you may use my bathroom with a door that securely closes, just make sure to wave for the camera.

Bob Villa would be proud. I think I'll go install some Pergo flooring now.

HowTo: Export your posts from Typepad

Export TypepadGiven the recent wackiness with Typepad, I thought it would be a good idea to export all my posts as a backup. I went through all the steps and I thought to myself, 'This isn't hard to do but if you don't even know this exists you're pretty much screwed.'

I have created this short video tutorial on how to export your posts from Typepad to help others do it for themselves. Right click on the link to save it to your desktop (the video is in Quicktime and clocks in around 10 megs for about 4 minutes of video).

Let me know if you found it useful and perhaps I'll do some more of these screencasts.