A pound of dice?!

lots of dice

My last post had me looking for an image of a die to accompnay it, and I found one on Chessex's website.

Most gamers will recognize that name, as they made lots and lots of the dice that are rolled on tables in basements everywhere (though I haven't played a roleplaying game in a basement in years. That sounds much dirtier than it actually is). The d20 that was featured in that post is from Chessex' Scarab Royal Blue with gold line, which I find quite attractive. However, my strange attraction to small brightly colored plactic bits isn't the issue here. Whilst I was browsing Chessex's website I came across the Pound O Dice. $27.95 gets you, you guessed it, a pound of dice of all kinds. That is all sorts of awesome, in a very geeky way.

Color code your dice?

Chessex Scarab Royal Blue D20Treasure Table recommends that you color code your dice. What the hell does that mean? Why, just make sure that in your dice bag all your 6 sideds are one color, d4 are another color and so on.

While this seems a bit over the top, I think it is a pretty good idea. However, one of the joys of having lots of dice is the rainbow of possibilities.

Oh, and I never have a bag in which I put my dice anyway. They end up throw willy nilly in my computer bag whenever I'm off to game. That means that every 6 months I need to get more dice do to attrition.

14 Marios

1upmush.jpgThat's how many Marios I have (14), at this very moment, in the New Super Mario Bros. for the DS. That's a personal record at this point (and I am on the 5th world, for those that care), who's excited?

Man, I'm telling you that this game is a hoot. It really takes me back to my birthday, many years ago, when an NES was waiting for me all wrapped up on the kitchen table. I woke up before everyone else in the family (I was young, I still got up early then) and ran to the kitchen. I asked my still sleeping mother if I could open up the presents, and she said yes (my mother would often answer yes to questions when she was sleeping. That's how I got the Time Life Civil War series of books).

I spent many a youthful hour trying to save that darned Princess, and I am now reliving it all in my adult years (though on a smaller screen and with better graphics). Can life get any better than this?

Roleplaying for non-roleplayers

Paranoia.jpgSubtitle: You can lead a person to D&D but you can't make them a geek.

During the TMBG festivities of last month, Sarcasmo (who is, like, totally famous now) suggested that I run a one night only roleplaying session for the several folks that have expressed on this blog that they are either:

  • A former casual gamer
  • Don't 'get' roleplaying, but are curious

I thought this a dandy idea, even though I am only now blogging about it. The only thing that is holding me back (other than the lack of seating in my apartment) is what game would I run?

Dungeons and Dragons, of course, is the best known pen and paper roleplaying game there is, however, it might be too much for non-roleplayers. Something set in the modern day, or near future, would be best I imagine. Rifts is out because it is just too much (but it is lots of fun). Paranoia was suggested, and since the game isn't really plot driven, and it is supposed to be funny it might be just the trick.

I'll have to ponder this some more. Plus I would have to see if anyone is actually interested in doing this (it'll be like a geek party! Awesome!).

Happy 30th Birthday, D&D

Dungeons & Dragons marks 30th anniversary:

“The game allows you to live through your character in your favorite fantasy books,” said Drake, sporting an airbrushed T-shirt of himself as a “Game Master” surrounded by flying dragons and other beasts.

In 1974, 1,000 brown-and-white boxes filled with pamphlets for “Fantastic Medieval Wargames” were distributed by a couple of guys who liked war role-playing and decided to set a game in the Middle Ages but with monsters and fantastic heroes.

Dungeons & Dragons went on to become one of the best-selling games of all time, inspiring fan devotion so great that some travel thousands of miles to play in tournaments.

I have spent many a hour rolling the dice and slaying some orcs. Ahh, those were the days.

Halo 2

haloI am not much of a gamer, but Halo 2 is definately a game that I will be purchasing.

Since I do own an Xbox, I am going to enjoy the heck out of this game. I don't think I am going to go as far as taking the day off of work to play it, but I may go to sleep pretty late.