Fork You

Fork You: Turkey sidecar

The second part of Fork You's three part series on Thanksgiving is ready for your viewing pleasure (we cooked a turkey in the first part, and that turkey was damned good). This time around we whip up some garlic mashed potatoes and a healthy serving of peas and carrots. As Marisa explains, we went with peas and carrots because I hate string beans.

Anyway, check out the episode and feel free to copy the recipes down and make these sides yourself (Scott and Marisa not included).

Fork You featured on the Supertaster Test site


You might recall that Marisa and I took the Supertaster Test in a recent episode of Fork You, America's fastest growing cooking podcast filmed in Philadelphia and starring Marisa and myself. It would seem that the good folks who run the Supertaster Test site saw it as well, and have decided to link to it.

Pretty sweet, huh?

What should I think about the fact that in this video I acted like a giant jackass, and it has the most views of any Fork You to date (well over 20,000)? Clearly I need to ramp up the jackassery.