7 miles on the treadmill

The other day I tweeted about the 7 mile run I did outdoors:

All of this long distance (for me) running is the result of a Runkeeper 10k training program I signed myself up for.

I’ve been running 4 times a week for the last couple of years and I found myself in a figurative rut. I’d just go out and run 3.1 miles (that’s a 5k for my metric friends) and be done. My timing was improving but it got a bit boring. And I was certain that I couldn’t run longer distances.

Enter the Runkeeper training program. I figured if I could do a 5k I could just do two of them back to back. And today I ran 7 miles again, though this time on the treadmill:



Running on a treadmill for an hour is pretty boring (hurrah for an iPad and WiFi in the gym) but it is much easier to control your pace.

Now, I’m not going to fib here. Since Declan and Sammy have come home it is tougher to find time to run. Major thanks to Marisa and her mom who is in town helping us for a bit. They have graciously agreed to let me sneak away 4 times a week to get my runs in and I appreciate it.

I do still hate running but I’ve come a long way from my days in highschool when I couldn’t run a 15 minute mile.

OK, OK! I am sorry

OK, OK! I am sorry about the delay, but this is a mirror of my life, and frankly nothing much happens in my life.

So what is going on with me? I am getting ready for a major winter storm. That is right, Mr. Winter is upon us, and it seems that Yonkers might get as much as 12 inches of snow! Looks like I will need to cancel my mad crazy new years plans and stay home pickin my butt.

What else is new? Christmas is but a memory.. and Ewisa was here to celebrate with my family and myself. She got to meet the extended family on Christmas Eve, and she didn't even seem scared. I am so proud of her! She is a good kid. For the most part.

So onto the christmas booty (besides the lovely Elisa).. I got some clothes and a few DVD's.. very cool. And then since I got DVD's I needed a DVD player, so I went out and bought a 5 disc DVD player. Now I am set for New Years. I can watch 5 movies in a row and need not get up off my duff.

Ain't America the greatest?

More later.

I have to go to work tomorrow! :(


Shortly after I had my first Pimms

So it has been a little while since I have written in this, the electronic mirror of my life.

It always shocks me when someone I know says something that I have written in here. I forget that I sent out an email begging people to read this, and apparently some people actually enjoy this crap. Who knew? Maybe I COULD make a living writing.. but probably not.

So lots have been going on lately. As you know, you faithful reader, you, I am moving to a new job within Columbia Business School. I am excited about that, and I got to go to a conference for the database that we are using, and that I will be partly responsible for. It was held down in Ye Olde Williamsburg, so that was cool. The title of this entry comes for a drinking song that I was singing with some other people at a colonial tavern that we went to. It was oodles of fun. I had stew and some peanuts. They were good.

The conference was wall to wall food, and I likes it! Yummy! I had all I could eat and then I had my stomach pumped and ate some more! Ahh, the food was flowing, and I ate it with great haste and aplomb.

And there was talk of some sort of software or something.

I also went to a concert by the great one, that is right Weird Al himself. The concert was very good. We had good seats and I was with some fun people.. so that was cool.

Other than that nothing much to report. I start my new position on Monday, and of course I am still not quite sure what the hell I am doing! But that will soon change.

The is all I wrote.

Have you met the new me?

Not too much is going on with me! I am training the person that is going to replace me down at the old job!

Even though I am not being fired, it is kind of strange to be training someone to do my job. I have introduced her as the new "me." That a strange feeling.

She is alright.. I can see why Cathy hired her.

But back to me! I am just dandy, and I am going to a conference in VA. So that is cool. 4 days out of the office! And 3 other cool people from t he office are going, so that should be fun, fun, fun!

Other than that nothing is going on. I haven't seen a nun in a while. I think they are hiding from me.


Mom scare and a new job

Please excuse the spelling in the following post:

Well, well! What is this? A new entry! Can you believe your cute little eyes? Yes, you can spanky! I am up at 2:38am and I just don't feel like sleeping.. and there has been a lot going on in my life.

Let me explain something about me, if you are one of the few people that reads this and does not have the pleasure of knowing in (in the biblical sense.. I get around! I kid. I am a priest on the inside, but a whore on the outside. Just like the Pope!). I am a person that thrives on the mundane. I find life to be hilarious for no particular reason. I look at things that happen every day and revel in the absurdity of it all! But I am not what you would call an exciting bloke. For example, I went to Lehigh University during my undergrad days. Lehigh is known for many things, one of them being that the average student at Lehigh has more beer in them than blood at any point during any semester. I went there for 4 years and did not get drunk. At all. Not once. I think I might have partaken in one beer my entire tenure there. And when your mass rivals that of some small planteiods, such as mine does (but I am such a CUTE planet, not like Uranus!) one beer does not have an effect on you. So why am I telling you this? Just to establish that my life is regular, as if it eats the daily recommended amount of fiber.

But things are getting interesting. Not mind blowingly interesting.. but interesting.

First off, my mother had a little health scare. It seems that her steady diet of melted butter and wedges of cheese has had some effects and 3 out of 3 arteries that supply blood to the old thinkin box were 90 - 100% closed. This worried some members of the medical establishment, and so we checked Joan into the hospital. The doctors poked and prodded and decided that it was too risky to try anything before they "consulted." Could she come back in two weeks?

Of course she could! And the McNulty clan swooped down on St. Agnus Hospital like so many Irish things that swoop.

My mom was checked out and angiolasty (I think that is how you spell it, well it is how I spell it) was the course that the doctors decided on. They of course did not proceed with the procedure until they made sure to tell my mother about 400,000 times that she could suffer from a severe stroke thanks to this procedure. That helped with all of our nerves!

However, about about 3 hours the doctors came out of the operating room and told us that it went perfectly well and that my mom was fine. So that is good. But now there is hardly any junk food in the house. The sacrifices I have to make! Sheesh!

I also went to see the lovely Lady Elisa, always a good thing. We hung out with some people.. and Glenn (a friend from good old Yonkers) came down to PA to hang out with Elisa and I.. he needed to get his mind off of his many gambling debts and drug trafficking charges. We were glad to have him!

The three of us piled into Glenn's car and headed to the mountains and visited Owen, one of my college buddies. He has this silly little dog, that I suspect to be, a rather cute rat. It has a sweater. Ain't that freaking puke inducing cute?

We also attended the annual Celtic Classic, where I got to experience my cultural roots by watching men in dresses pick up large things and toss them.. and then drink some beer and blow into things; mostly bagpipes, but there were plenty of ladies there as well!

So that is my personal life. At work things are getting interesting. I think i have talked about Cathy, my newly hired supervisor. She is a very nice woman, I am just not sure she should be allowed to interact with people on a regular basis. I kid, but she is not the best manager in the world. I have been at the Business School for 6 months, and she has been there for about 3. I am in the Alumni Relations Department, which reports to Cathy. The AR department is made up of 2 people (me being one of them) and one other person also reports to Cathy. Now, Heather, the other Alumni Relations person, has been at the Business School for 2 years..and then along came Cathy. Heather quit her job two weeks ago. One down. Lesley, the other person that reports to Cathy, was hired 2 months ago. She quit this week. Two down.. one to go.. and that one is me!

I have no plans on leaving the Business School nor did I have plans of leaving my position at the school. Or so it was at the beginning of this week!

On Wednesday cathy called me into her office. She sat me down and started telling me how happy she was with me and talking about all my good qualities.. and I knew something was going on. She the proceeded to tell me that this job was open in our Systems department, and that she thought that I would be wonderful in that position. She had talked to Gerry, our systems guy, and he seemed to like the idea, and she wanted to know what I thought about it. I could tell that this was reflective of a desire in Cathy to see me get out of her department, although I am not sure why she wants to get rid of me... so I say, well I am interested but i would need to talk to gerry myself and see a job description. She seemed to be a little disappointed that I didn't say, "SURE! Where do I sign?" But thems the breaks.

So I left her office and I talked to Gerry.. and the position does sound very interesting to me.. and I will be getting paid more money.. and the School would basically be training me in an entirely new skill set. So once I made sure I wouldn't be reporting to Cathy in this position, for obvious reasons, I accepted the offer.

So now I am officially a techie. I never thought I would be.. but now I am on an entirely new career track. And I feel very good about it.

But I am sleepy.

Post-Its, unite!

Fan emails

Well I was working on this entry and my browser crashed! How sad!

Most of it was about this email that I found in my inbox this afternoon. As you all know, only people I know and the occasional surfer read this here diary. So I never expect other people to read this, and I write accordingly. Nor did I ever expect to have "fans." but apparently I have found myself a fan! At least that is what the email said.

This is technically my second piece of fan email. The first one doesn't count though, because it was just a "I read your diary, email me" kinda thing. Needless to say I not respond to that email (I am a bastard). The most recent email I have received was different. It was pretty, witty, and gay. But most of all it complimented me on my writing "talent." The email names me as one of the best writers on diaryland, but when you take a moment to look around here you realize how high a compliment that is.

My dilemma? Besides spelling dilemma? To respond or not to respond? I will respond, mostly because this person will be one of the only people reading this that I DON'T know. And that makes me feel tingly.

So I am watching the Emmies on the television. Celebrities seem to take every chance they can get to give each other awards. I am waiting for the moment when a dazed and confused Jenna Elfman (is there another variety?) walks up to me on the streets of New York and hands me a gold plated statuette.

I have a speech prepared in case it does happen. Would you like to hear it? I knew you would!

Jenna: "The winner is" rips the envelope open "Scott McNulty!"

Announcer Guy: "This is Scott's first nomination and his first win."

Scott: "I'm shocked. I had no idea this award existed, let alone I was nominated for it. (to Jenna) What is this award called?"

Jenna: Blank Stare

Scott: "Anyway, I just want to make sure I don't forget anyone. There are some many people that made this mid-afternoon possible. Where to begin? OH GOD! WHAT CRUEL FATE! WHERE TO BEGIN? Well I need to thank Jenna Elfman, Mary Tyler Moore (she knows why), Linus Salk, POLIO! WOO! Umm.. I know there are more people. So many people, over a billion in China alone! I like chinese, they only come up to your knees. I have to thank Canada. They have always been up north whenever I needed a shoulder to cry on, or a pal to get drunk with, aye. And last but not least I need to thank Thomas the Tank Engine. I know I have made him very cross a few times, but I like to think of myself as the track he rides. But not in a homosexual way. Not that there is anything wrong with that, he is just not my type of personified inanimate object. Now, the Brave Little Toaster, he is hot (pun not intended). Thanks, and peace in the Middle East!"

Scott exits sidewalk left.

It could happen. All it takes is a dollar and LSD.

Jack Palance (I am trying to make that the newest way to say goodbye. Think it'll catch on?)

Sad oreos, but I'm getting a masters

So it has been a little while since I have last wrote in this here trusty electronic diary! Is it suffering the same fate as my various paper bound journal attempts? I am not sure. So far I have updated this much more frequently then I ever did with those notebooks and things.

And this is really the only creative writing that I have been doing. And that is kind of sad, don't you think? Not sad like a kitten on fire, more sad like you ate the last Oreo in the bag, but you didn't KNOW it was the last Oreo. You reach back into the bag, and you realize what happened, and you know you can never have that moment back. You have lost your "last cookie savoring" moment, before you even knew you could have it, it was gone.

That kind of sad.

I visited Elisa last weekend. I had oodles of fun, as I always do with her. She is a nice lady, and I like her. She gave me candy, always a plus!

Other than that not much is going on... oh wait! I am officially entered into a masters program. That is exciting. It is a program in Higher Education Administration (yes it is, indeed, a field of study). They tell me that it will take me 2 years to complete the course of study since I am working full time, well I am going to do it in less. I might kill myself along the way, but I am going to do it! I am taking 2 classes this semester (6 credits) and next semester I am going to take 3 classes (9 credits) and over the summer I am going to try and take at least 3 classes (9 credits) and then I will need 6 more credits, and can do that the semester after the summer, and it will have only taken a year and a half. And then I can find a new job in a less reactive work place.. maybe not stay at work until 8pm on a Friday night!

Anyway, I am going to go to sleep.


Who needs paragraphs?

So I have been a busy boy for the last two weeks! I have been going to conferences and vacationing with a lovely lady. And I have to go back to work tomorrow. How sad! But I suppose it could be worse, the whole office is going on a retreat, and then of course next Monday is Labor Day so that is good. What did I do in the last two weeks? I went to an Alumni Relations Conference in Williamstown, MA. What is in Williamstown? Williams College, and that is about it! The town is in the Berkshires, so it is surrounded by mountains, and it is very picturesque. The mountains also block cell phone signals, and I know that was not a good thing for some people. People were going all over the place, twirling around. peering at their cell phones.. trying to find a signal so they can check their voice mail and see what was going on in the office. I didn't check in with the office all that much. They can handle most things without me. I have faith! 5 days with people who are paid to chit chat! What an experience. No "me time." As Alumni Relations professionals we are employed to make sure that everyone is having a good time, and talk to people. So the first session that we had to go to, the guy in charge said, stand up and introduce yourself to some people around you. Now, usually it would take a few seconds for people to do that, but in no time everyone was on their feet with their hand out saying, "I'm so and so from blanky poo college." The roar of people small talking was deafening. It was also kinda neat. I met some nice people and I got a bunch of business cards, so that is cool! After that I went back to work for Thursday and Friday. Nothing too exciting happened there.. and then on Friday Elisa came! Yay! Last week was my vacation, and I spent it with Elisa. We had oodles of fun/ We saw They Might Be Giants for a buck each! They was very cool. And then we went to Windam, NY and sent 3 nights and 4 days at a lovely B & B. More mountains, the Catskills this time, and it was wonderful! Very relaxing, only was didn't get to sleep in because we felt obligated to have breakfast every morning. But the food was GREAT, as was the company.. so it is all good! Then we came back to Yonkers, on Thursday and just hang out... and on Friday my new computer came! That is right, I ordered one of those new Apple cubes, and it is the coolest thing ever! I like it a lot.. I am on it right now. It just LOOKS like something from the future! Elisa went back to Lehigh today :( So I am just here all alone playing with my cube. Email me!!!

Yet another nun

I saw yet another nun yesterday. On the subway no less! This is getting to be a habit. At least this nun was not a mean nun. She was your stereotypical hippie nun. She had the guitar, and the cross hung on hemp around her neck. I almost tossed her a dollar and said, "Sing Nun Woman, sing for me like you have never sung before!" But I got on the subway train and sat down instead.

What else is going on? Well I got my train tickets for my trip this weekend! I am going to an Alumni Relations Conference in MA from Sat. until Wed. Yes, there really are Alumni Relations Conferences, I was as shocked as you are when I found out.

So that will be cool.. and the best part is I can wear shorts the whole time. Many of you may not know this, but my ultimate career goal is to get a job where I can wear shorts all the time. Not much, but it is a living.

Also, I am going on vacation the week after next! So next week I am out until Thursday and then BAM! I am on vacation. We are having a meeting tomorrow so that we can assign people to do what I do while I am gone (what a horrible sentence!). Bottom line, I have to pretend like I do something at work!

Oh, I kid! I do many things, all of which are very very important.

I like my job, but it is quite different from what they told me it would be! They told me I would be an events planner, which I am to an extant.. but they are transforming me into a techie! I am learning how to use Dreamweaver, and I will soon be taking Cold Fusion classes, and the people at work would love for me to be an Access 97 wizard.


Goodbye, tooth

This weekend was chock full of nothing too exciting. For all of you following my manic caperings, I did go to the dentist on Friday where a tooth was forcefully removed from my skull.

I went there at 4:30 to be subjected to another barrage of radiation! This time my entire head was fitted into this contraction that raises or lowers to adjust to people of different heights.

Now, I am not what you would call a small man, and the woman who was operating this machine must have thought I was some kind of giant because she raised the machine as far as it could go, with my head in it mind you. I was dangling by my head 4 inches off the ground and the woman asked if I was "comfortable." Since I had to bite down on a piece of plastic I could not answer but I think my general flaying about was answer enough and she lowered the machine a smidge.

She then put a lead apron on me and ran out of the room (this is getting to be a bit of a theme on my diary here, remember kids, Women and lead do not mix).

Anywho, the x-rays were done and I got to meet the oral surgeon, who looked more like a bit player from the Sopranos.

Vinnie, the oral surgeon, told me he heard I wanted one of my teeth "wacked" and did I know how much this "hit" would cost me.

After some talking we agreed on a price and he shot me full of the knock out juice, all the while explaining what could go wrong. He waited to explain all this AFTER I had signed the waver saying if anything went wrong it was my fault.

It all went well and now I am one tooth lighter. I suppose that is a good thing.

On that very same evening I went to the Wiz and purchased a cable modem. When shopping for computer equipment I always enjoy confusing the salespeople. I have a Mac, and so when the sales dude asked me whether I had Windows 95 or 98, I said I had OS 8.6 He had no idea what I was talking about. I said, "I have a Mac." His fogged eyes cleared and he uttered, "Oh." and proceeded to finalize my purchase.

I got my cable modem in my hot little hands, and I took it home and set it up! Ready to cruise the internet and download all the por... I mean pictures of puppies, that I could handle! But alas, the cable signal is too weak in my room and I need to wait until Wednesday when the Cable men will knock on my door and fix all my problems for me. Talk about a full service company!

Today I spent amongst the hustle and bustle of one of the oddest stores I have ever had the opportunity to shop in. Of course, I am speaking of Ikea, that Swedish import that boggles the mind. All of the furniture is slightly "odd" in one way or another. It is requires "some assembly" and an open mind. I am not sure if I like that store or not.

My verdict, and many many other things, on the next installment of "This So Called Scott."


Hello, Dentist

After months of nagging, I finally caved into Elisa's demands and went to the dentist.

What fun!

I got there, filled out my paper work, and then sat in the chair. A nice lady came in and put a lead apron on me and took 18 x-rays of my teeth! She then shut off the lights and we read by the unearthly glow of my irradiated skull.

After that the Dentist came in and cleaned my teeth for me. She was very nice, and I was sorry I ate 4 onions and 2 bags of Oreos before I went to her office.

Away she had both her hands in my mouth and wanted to chit chat with me.

Dentist: "How about this weather?"

Scott: "Arrwayah Rarf"

Dentist: "It is hot, spit."

Scott: Spits "Sorry about your shoes!"

So she was poking around in my mouth there, with her metal poker, and she rips open my gums! Blood shoots out of my mouth and hits the ceiling. Her reaction?

"I got a little over zealous. I forgot you aren't sedated."

Thanks, Doctor! Sheesh!

So the Dentist tells me I need to get a tooth jerked out of my skull before a supernova of pain erupts in my mouth. I have an appointment for this Friday at 4:30pm.

A little oral extraction is the best way to start off a weekend, don't you agree?

Class dismissed.

More readers for me

What is up, my peeps?

I have no idea what that means.

Not much is going on here. I am writing in here because my evil plan has worked! At least 3 people who I emailed about this here website are checking it on a regular basis. I hate to disappoint my public by not updating at least 3 times a week!

And you never know, maybe someone I DON'T know might read this, love the way I write and offer me a wonderful job working for a humor magazine.

The only problem I see with that, is the complete lack of humor magazines out there. Maybe I should start writing about my erotic adventures in Yonkers, and that way I could get hired by Penthouse to write those letters that "readers" submit.

Not that I have ever read an issue of Penthouse. Is there a magazine named Penthouse? I may have just made that up, or maybe it is something I heard in one of them picture shows the kids like so much.

Speaking of pictures, I have cable! Yippee! More options. More clicking. More crap! There really is very little on television.

I did not have any run-ins with clergy today. You know, clergy are like IHOPs, you never think you are going to see one, but then one day you are driving down the highway at 1:30am, and you have a craving for pancakes and coffee, and there on the side of the road, as big as life, there is a priest, in his little priest outfit, doing his priest thing.

On second thought, priests and IHOPs have nothing in common.

I am outie, yo.

Nun on a subway

I saw a nun on the subway platform the other day. She was getting off one train and rushing across the platform to catch another train. ... when the doors shut right in front of her little nun face! She smiled this odd little smile.

Now I don't speak nun, but I KNEW she was mentally cursing up a blue streak. I hope she went to confession.

The morale of the story? If a nun smiles at you, punch her in the face. You don't need to take crap from anyone!

Switching subjects, I went to see Elisa over the weekend. And we had a good time, but there were rough patches. However, the good out weighed the bad, as it always does with Elisa and we had a great time!

We just spent the weekend hanging out. Just chillin' as the kids say.

Work is ok.. I am not very motivated to do much at work. That is why I am glad my vacation is coming up soon! What am I doing on my vacation? I am open to suggestion. I am planning to explore the wonder that is the Empire State with my lovely lady at my side!

Over and out.

Scott for Dummies

Time to update the old journal! I don't have much to talk about.

I bought a "Access 97 for Dummies" book. It amazes me the things that people will buy! I saw a book "Life for Absolute Morons" and "Hey Stupid Idiot Dumb Guy Fool Boy Sissy Pants, What can you do?"

I settled for a dummies book.

I is dumb.

Dumb like a fox!


The end.

I can write good

So, it is very late. What am I doing updating my online JOURNAL at this hour? As usual the internet sucked me in for a few more hours than it should have. So now I am up and wide awake, with nothing to do. So I thought, this is better than nothing, right?

The people who have been reading this know that is just not true!

That brings me to what the bulk of this entry will be about.. and that is the reaction that my friends have had about this. They have all liked it! And that is great! It just proves to me that I can write. At least marginally well.

I know what you are thinking, what will it take to convince you that you do have some writing talent, Scott?

I am not sure. I can write a paper for a class with little trouble, and short stories are easy for me to write, and this here journal is easy to write as well (of course I am just babbling with this). However, I love to read. I think that is what does it to me. I read many things, and while i have never come across anyone who writes quite like I do (subject matter or prose) I am not sure if that is a good thing. Maybe no one writes like me because I suck. Who knows? All I know is that there are a lot of people out there who write much better than I do. That is true with everything in life I suppose. There are people out there that are better than me at everything. I have a name for this group of people, "bastards."

Anyway, what is going on with my life you ask?

Hmm.. I order a new computer for little to no reason. I just wanted it, and darn it I should have it because I can afford it. I wanted it. It is mine.

It is a new Apple G4 Power Cube. I salivate just thinking about it; I hope it is waterproof.

That is the big excitement in my life. OK, so this entry isn't all the funny. It is tough being funny.. just look at Adam Sandler. He tries so hard. It is embarrassing.

As is my spelling.

Goodnight all. As always, if you read this and you like it.. email me. I am a lonely pathetic man who craves contact with the outside world.

Everybody likes me!

The ratings are in, and I am the smash hit of the summer!

To clue you in, I sent an email to a bunch of my friends and told them to check out my online JOURNAL (I am not a sissy!!!!!!). Most of them have written me back and they... love it. Some of them have compared me with Dickens (I blush), others say that I have given meaning to their pathetic lives (you are welcome carol).

It feels good to be doing good. I am changing the way people think of themselves, and others. It is what I have been born to do.

Anywho, I went to a wedding this weekend. It was good and Catholic, offerings to the Virgin Mary, the whole bit. I was flashing back to grade school during mass. It was odd. I really think they need to update the mass again. Can you say, "Sexxy nuns?" I knew you could!

That is what the Roman Catholic Church needs.. sex appeal! You never hear anyone say, "Check out that guy, he's got a butt like a priest!"

Maybe they should. Maybe they should.

Please read my blog

If you are here because I sent you a pathetic email trying to gain attention to my meandering writings on the web that no one would stumble across without guidance, you get a cookie!

If you are here because you think you might gain some kind of cosmic insight... you get a cookie!

Cookie good. Insight bad.

Anyway, you might be wondering, Scott... why did you send me an email about this crappy site? I figured that if I told people about it, I would feel compelled to keep updating it, and that means that I would be writing on a semi regular basis.. which is a good thing.

Also, what else are you doing? I don't think you are getting your daily recommended serving of McNulty in your diet. This is for your own darn good!

What should I write about in a diary, an online diary no less! I am not sure. If I were Marsha Brady I would be writing about the dreamy boys in home room that ignore me. If I was Janet Reno I would be writing about all the dreamy girls that ignore me in cabinet meetings.. and how the president can't keep from asking to play "doctor" with me.

But I am neither of those people.. at least not last time I checked. I will stick with what I know then, complete and utter nonsense!

With the occasional tirade thrown in for good measure.

That reminds me, something has been bugging me for awhile. People and elevators!

Let me explain. At my work place there are two elevators, one right next to the other. On the ground floor there is no other reason to stand in front of them, other than to wait for the elevator so it make lift you up into the heady regions of the upper floors.

There exists only one call button to summon the elevator.

Are you with me so far? I thought so.

Let me set a scene for you. I am standing in front of the elevators, staring at the elevators as one tends to do when you are waiting for the elevator doors to open.

Someone walks towards the elevator, looks at me, and then pushes the call button!

They push the button! As if I have no idea how to operate an elevator. Perhaps they mistake me for a Grecian statue.. I can't blame them if they do.. I am an Adonis. If that is the case then I can understand why they would press the button. Statues have no interest in elevators. Everyone knows they take the stairs.

That is my rant for today. Tune in for more of my thoughts on a semi regular basis. Bookmark this site and visit it often.

Email me.

Send me gifts.

Hug a kitten.

My first blog apology

Well, it has been awhile since I undertook this online diary thing, and I only posted one freakin post! Kinda pathetic if you ask me.

I am going to try to update this fairly regularly, and I plan to send out an email to a bunch of people I know about this... so maybe they will keep me on my toes. I find myself to be a wonderfully interesting person, and I am sure my friends do as well.

I would send out that email tonight but hotmail is not working for me for some reason! Perhaps Microsoft knows I am using a Mac and they are trying to screw me. Most likely not since Microsoft makes oodles of software for the Mac OS. In fact I have some of it on my very own computer. I didn't pay for it though. Not that I couldn't afforf to buy it (I do think the prices are a little bloated but that is a different story) it is just that I have always wanted to be a pirate. So I thought I would copy the software and make use of it. If anyone from Microsoft legal is reading this, I will buy the software from you guys, if I have to. I am jsut waiting for OS X to come out.. and then I am going to go through the mother of all upgrades! I am even fooling with the idea of getting rid of my faithful iMac and getting a G4 when the new OS comes out. But that might be extreme.

Then again, I am a pirate and we live for the extreme, matey!

So what is new with me? I paid $8.50 to watch "Scary Movie," the only scary thing about which is the fact that is not in the least bit funny. Film makers seem to be under the impression that shocking equals funny.. or that gross equals funny. Don't get me wrong, I laughed my buttocks off at "There's Something About Mary," but the crop of films that its sucess has spawned fall very short indeed.

Other than that.. I spent a lovely 4th of July weekend in PA with my lady friend. It was very nice. It amazes me, how do I get through a day without seeing her? I am not sure... but I do it more often than not. I am hoping to put an end to this situation as soon as I can... not in a bad way.. I love Elisa (something that is difficult for me to express most of the time but I can write things more easily than I could ever say them. I have told her I love heron numerous occasions, but I am not the kind of guy that will turn to her in the middle of hanging out with our friends and tell her I love her. I play my emotions close to my chest). Anyway, where was I? Oh.. I just want to spend more time with Elisa. Living in the same state would help!

So it is 3am! I am listening to XTC and trying not to be sleepy.. but the old eyelids are getting heavy so I should go to bed.

Email me if you read this and tell me what you think! I actually got an email from someone about my last entry! I have to respond to them...

Live long and prosper

First Entry

Hello all! This is my first entry. I very much doubt that anyone I know will be reading this. Or that anyone will be reading this at all for that matter.I took a moment to look around this here site and there must be thousands of dairies on here! And that is just this site! The internet is crowded with such pages. Why would anyone read this one?I am not sure why. I suppose there is a chance that the \"cosmic forces\" might have brought you here for some kind of enlightment. Well sorry, but I am all out of enlightenment.. would you like a Tic Tac?Anyway.. since you are probably someone who knows me, do I need to tell you all about me? Well, I will since anyone who knows me is utterly fascinated by me! I mean, who can blame them?I am 23, I work at Columbia Business School and I am a darn nice guy. I like to read (a little bi of everything but I shy away from crap). I like to write, but I have found that I just can't find the time to write. Does that mean that I was not cut out to be an author? I doubt it. I am going to try and write more, I will keep you posted.That reminds me... if you are reading this, drop me an email and tell me why!I live in Yonkers, NY. I have a wonderful girlfriend, who lives in PA (which sucks.. not the state but the fact that I am not with Elisa (that is my lady's name) but it is only for another year).That is about all. There is more I can tell you, but I like to be mysterious (that is a boring person's way of saying, I have nothing left to say).FIN