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I have good reasons for not blogging more

Chilling on the couch

These two little guys take up a lot of time! Who knew babies were so labor intensive?

Marisa is doing most of the heavy lifting, but that still leaves plenty for dear old Dad to do!

I've often had the urge to blog about something and then someone poops themselves (usually not me!) and the idea is chased out of my skull by the vulgar realities of the mortal world.

I'm still here and I will blog again! At some point! In 18 years or so.

I miss writing

As readers of this blog may have noticed, I didn't blog a whole lot last year (or the year before). And as the even smaller number of people who track my tech book writing have noticed... I haven't written a book in a very long time!

Don't get me wrong, I still write a lot but the vast majority of my writing is for ye olde day job. I seem to have fallen out of the habit of writing for pleasure.

EvergreeniconI was reminded of this fact by two related things. I decided to switch RSS readers from NetNewsWire (which I've been using forever) to Evergreen (which the original developer of NNW is working on). I did this for a couple of reasons:

  • I get the sense that NNW isn't really the top priority for the company who currently owns it.
  • The only reason to use NNW is for syncing across devices, and that just doesn't work well (nor does the NNW iOS app, which is a shame).
  • While Evergreen is very early in its development, I know Brent is going to keep on making it better and better... and his vision of what an RSS reader should be pretty much matches my own.

Moving my feeds into Evergreen gave me the opportunity to go through and do some feed pruning. I was clicking along happily until I came to my "Philadelphia" folder.

I discovered that most of the blogs in that folder have long been abandoned and I re-read this blog post Marisa wrote awhile ago bemoaning the lack of personal blogging in general.

Therefore, I'm really going to try and write stuff here (and maybe in other places, though I really doubt anyone is interested in paying me to write anything at this point).

I think the first thing I'll write is a post about why I abandoned my Apple Watch and embraced the Fitbit life. I'm sure everyone is dying to know!

Hey, remember blogging?

Marisa just posted on her blog for the first time in awhile and laments the sad state of personal blogging:

The other thing that I found striking as I scanned through the list of blogs that had gone dark was how many of them were my blogging people. The folks I discovered in my early days and struck up real friendships with. I miss those early days of blogging, when you didn’t need perfect pictures and a post didn’t require a vigorous social media campaign in order to find some readers.

Of course I'm still reading Marisa's blog (we are married and all), but I've also felt the same way as she has.

Which is why I've been posting more on this little old blog! I have no idea if anyone is still reading this blog, but gosh darn it I'm enjoying blogging again.

August - I totally posted once a day

augustirule.jpgAs I sat here trying to think of something (ANYTHING) to blog about it hit me: why was I trying to blog before going to bed? Because I wanted to post every day during the month of August.

Since this is the last day of August, I can now declare: Mission accomplished! Woo!

What were some of my favorite posts this month? Why, I'm glad you asked! Here they are:

I can't say that I'll be blogging every day in September, but I will try to blog more regularly.

Buy my book: Building a TypePad Blog People Want to Read edition

69 | 365

Just a couple years ago I had never written a book, fast forward to the present and my third book is winging its way to a finer bookstore near you. The world is a crazy place, I tells ya.

My first book was all about WordPress, to which many a wag said, "If you love WordPress so much why is Blankbaby hosted on TypePad?" This was often accompanied with a sneer, as if the questioner had caught me doing something particularly nasty. I would calmly explain that one man can love more than one blogging platform (I'm like a blogging Mormon).

The truth is, I'm a big fan of both WordPress and TypePad. This clearly explains why my second book was all about, you guessed it: Amazon's Kindle. When no one bought that book I was fairly certain my writing career was at an end.

I wouldn't let something like a career ending book stop me from pitching my editor a third book about TypePad (OMG!). Shockingly my editor, Cliff, thought about it for a little while, checked with some business-type folks, and in a matter of a few weeks I had a contract in hand. That just left it up to me to write the thing (An aside: I find the process of getting the contract signed and receiving the first advance check to be quite exciting. Starting the writing process is something I find quite vexing [just ask anyone who has worked with me on one of my books. I'm slow to start], but once I get going I'm like a writing train barreling down the paragraph rails... or something).

The kind people at Peachpit sent me 25 copies of my new book, called Building a TypePad Blog People Want to Read, and I did what any normal person would do: laid them all out on our dining room table and took a picture of me making a face in front of them:

Scott with a tableful of books

Here's the real point of this post: buy a darned copy of the book. I know you'll like it.

Oh, and if anyone out there works for TypePad (or SixApart), contact me! I'd be happy to have a little contest/promotion with ya. I need to do something with all these books, so I might as well give some away!

A few of my (newish) favorite blogs

While I haven't been writing as much on my blog as I used to, I still read blogs everyday (often more than once a day! Crazy, I know!).

In the spirit of spreading the love a little, I thought I would highlight a few blogs that I've been enjoying as of late:

  • Vulture: This is New York magazine's blog about pop culture, and I find it strangely fascinating.
  • Jay Lake: Truly, it is a great time to be a reader. Authors tend to enjoy writing... so they tend to keep blogs of their very own (especially the geekier authors out there). Jay Lake is a successful SciFi writer, cancer survivor, and all around nifty dude (well, so I gather from his blog). He blogs about all sorts of things from his cancer treatments to the publishing world.
  • The Millions: A book blog based in Philadelphia? Instant subscribe.
  • Debauchette: It is no secret that you can find pictures of naked people on the Internet. Debauchette gathers tasteful nude pics from across the net. Needless to say this one is not safe for work.
  • Tweetage W@steland: Dave Pell's very smart blog where he ponders how people are impacted by our 'connectedness.'

There you go, just a few of the blogs that I find interesting. Feel free to share some of your favorite blogs in the comments (it goes without saying that this blog is one of your favorites!).

Tweet blog

I'm a sucker for new, shiny things.

On an unrelated note, I just created a new Typepad blog called Tweet. Why? TypePad created a new theme called Pico that is aimed at 'microblogging' (that's the new, trendy word for moblogging, or posting pictures, videos, and links with little commentary to go along with them).

Since I often clutter up Blankbaby with random pictures from my iPhone I thought it might be nice to post those in one place (which automatically posts them to Twitter, hence the title of the blog).

I'm not sure how long this blog will last, but I pay for the pro account level at TypePad so I can create as many blogs as I like here so I figure why the heck not.

TypePad Connect refuses to delete comments

I'm not sure if this is a wide spread problem or not, but it seems I can no longer delete comments, nor can I mark them as spam.

I'm using TypePad Connect (as I mentioned in this post) to manage my comments now, and I know it is in beta and all... but not being able to delete comments from my own blog (especially comment spam of a potentially offensive nature) is pretty bad.

That being said, I understand the trials and tribulations of launching a new service that is used by lots of folks. The real problem here is that the people at Sixapart don't seem to have a blog that is devoted to Tyepad Connect, which would at least let me know about these problems and assure me that they are being looked into.

Ahh well, perhaps I'll be able to control my comments tomorrow.

Comments now powered by TypePad Connect


I'm a big fan of TypePad, despite writing a book about WordPress (if anyone wants me to write a book about TypePad, contact me and we'll work something out!), which is why I have been a happy TypePad user since August 2003 (here's my first post). I find the TypePad line of products to be very good, and that's why I just switched Blankbaby's commenting system over to TypePad Connect (Oh, a beta commenting system. Yeah, I'm badass. I like to live on the edge.).

What does this mean for you? Not too much. You'll notice a few new things when commenting:

  • A picture is displayed next to your comments (which you can set if you have a TypePad Profile).
  • Comments are now threaded.
  • You can reply to comments now.
  • Comments are now paginated (though most of my entries don't get enough comments for that to kick in).

The benefits to me include:

  • The ability to reply to comments via email (sweet!).
  • A nicer interface for managing comments (though I have some thoughts on how that could be improved).
  • Get to use something new.

Let me know what you think of all this in... the comments (see what I did there?). Oh, and here is my TypePad profile.

8 years of bloggy goodness

I need to write a bio for a project I'm working on (more on that later) and so I thought it would be fun to mention how long I've been a blogger. Turns out that almost 2 years ago to the day I wrote about how I've been blogging for 6 years. Doing some basic math (hey, I was an English major) that means I've been blogging for 8 motherflippin' years.

That's pretty damned crazy if you ask me.

The Daily Scott: now a part of Blankbaby


Awhile ago I had the bright idea of posting a picture of myself everyday, and The Daily Scott was created. Sadly, it wasn't so daily but I think the idea is still sound. I announced that the Daily Scott was moving over here and now it is complete. The dailyscott category now contains all the posts (and comments) from the old Daily Scott as well as the new additions. It makes much more sense for it to be here, I think.

Anywho, why not highlight some of my favorite Daily Scotts? I knew, dear reader, that you would be excited by that! Let's get started:

Update: Bah! It looks like something went a little screwy with the importing. I'll fix it at some point tomorrow, but until then just imagine what I look like.

Blogging Heroes: there must have been some kind of mixup

bloggingheroes.jpgAnyone who has known me for any length of time can tell you I'm crazy about blogging. I've been blogging for a little over 7 years now, and I am sure that 7 years from now I'll still be blogging (and I bet I'll still be doing it right here at Blankbaby).

A few months ago I got an email from Michael A. Banks. He was doing a book about blogging, and he wanted to talk to me (thanks to my TUAW blogging duties). Never the one to turn down talking about two of my favorite subjects (myself and blogging) I gave Michael my details. He called me one Sunday afternoon, as I recall, and we spoke about blogging for awhile. I also took the chance to ask him about writing for 'Old Media,' i.e. in print. He gave me some things to think about, and I hoped I had given him something with which he could include in his book.

His book is called Blogging Heroes, and I am one of 30 interviews with the 'World's Top Bloggers' that make up the book (my interview is chapter 19) along side such bloggers as Steve Garfield, Robert Scoble, Gina Trapani, and Steve Rubel (to name only a few). If you want to read my interview Wiley said I could post it on my blog, so here is the PDF. I don't really say anything that should come as a shock to anyone. I only have two rules that are keys to success in blogging (or in anything, really):

  • Never say/write anything that you are uncomfortable standing behind.
  • Write about whatever you are passionate about, and success will follow.

Nothing earth-shattering there, but I said it with my rapier like wit. Plus, I'm a blogging hero so that means I am better than you are (but you knew that already).