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Fork You is catching on like gangbusters!

I was going to post as much more introspective piece about the nature of Fork You, and why I enjoy doing it so much but then I noticed two things.

One, Fork You is featured on the Democracy Player's 'Popular' food podcast page:


Very cool (though there aren't that many cooking podcasts in the directory... still it is cool).

blipegg.jpgAt the same time, the good folks at are featuring 'An Eggsellent Question' on their homepage under the 'Don't Miss' section (this is the second time Fork You has graced the front page of In November our gravy episode was featured). I'm hoping that Fork You gets featured on their banner soon (that'd be totally boss!).

This is a good time to highlight two web companies without which there would be no Fork You! The first is They host our MP4 files for free (how they make money, I have no idea). Their service is great, and I have even emailed with some folks who work there, which is always a good sign. If you're looking for a place to host your video files for RSS enclosures, is the place for you. They are also doing some interesting stuff with advertising, which I have to start looking into (hey, we at Blankbaby Media aren't opposed to making a little money).

The other is We use Viddler's awesome Flash player to embed Fork You episodes into the Fork You blog. Viddler's unique tagging feature really shines as chapter markers, which let you jump to exactly the part of the episode where I dance like a jackass (that is what it is all about, right?). Plus, it is run by a fellow Lehigh grad, so you know it has got to be good (and something about having our Fork You videos served up from Lehigh's campus makes me happy). Oh, and Colin is pretty cool too. ;)

The other thing that caught my attention today is that Frank enjoyed the aforementioned egg episode (he even LOL'ed in meatspace. That's totally cool, dude). That was one thing that Marisa and I worried about the most. We thought that what we were doing was fun, and we thought the show was fun but who doesn't think they are fun to watch? We were afraid that others would watch it and just not find it worth their time. Our ever growing audience seems to point out that we were completely incorrect. I think we're both OK with that.

Hurrah for Fork You!

Macworld 2007 Showroom Quick Tour

Ah, video how I love it. Ryan from Netscape joined my great team from TUAW to cover the hell out of Macworld 2007, and methinks we did a great job.

Above you'll see this video in which Ryan and I walk the entire show floor. It is a single shot that lasts for 40 minutes, though Ryan sped it up in Final Cut so the video is 5 minutes long.

The audio is a little... uneven. It starts off very loudly so be warned!

Blankbaby Media

I'm thinking about re-purposing Blankbaby Media, which at the moment only hosts my infrequent podcasts and Blankbaby TV shows, into a kind of 'professional' site. That would list my blogs and things, but could also serve as a sort of homepage for a consulting/media company.

The one thing that is keeping me back? I suck at designing crap. :(

Ahh well, I thought I would blog this before I forgot about the idea. Back to the trenches of Macworld!

Blankbaby TV 9: Let them eat... Twinkies?

Blankbabytv9Do your eyes deceive you? This is not another Blankbaby TV so close on the heels of the last, is it?

Yes, yes it is.

I went to the Bastille Day celebration at Eastern State on Saturday (along with some other bloggers, though I only saw one) and I took some video.

If you have ever wondered what 2,000 Twinkies hitting the sidewalk sound like check out Blankbaby TV 9.

Cooking Video podcast

I think it would be fun to do a regularly updated cooking video podcast. It is just too bad that I am not a very good cook, though I am a very good buffoon who could compliment someone who knew how to cook.

Think David Letterman during his cooking segments and you'll get an idea of what I am envisioning here (someone cooks something and I do dumb stuff).

Am I brilliant, or what?

Blankbaby TV 4 for your enjoyment


What's this? Blankbaby TV 4 is up and ready for viewing? That's crazy, that's insane!  However, it is all true, my friends.

I decided to frolic in the snow yesterday and I took my digital camera with me, and shot some video (I wouldn't be me if I did anything less).

This episode is about 3 minutes long, and I think it is the best yet! Keep in mind that I was up very late editing this, so I may think it was good and it may, in fact, be a pile of crap.

Check it out at Blankbaby Media.

Blankbaby Media at a cross roads

Ok, folks, I am getting ready to migrate Blankbaby Media, the home of both Blankbaby Radio and Blankbaby TV, to its very own domain. Exciting, yes?

However, I have come to realize that I can only really devote my energy to one or the other.

If I go whole hog into Blankbaby Radio I will get myself some mics, a mixer, and be good to go (and perhaps I will follow through with that co-hosting idea of mine).

If I go head first into Blankbaby TV I am going to need to find a partner. One who has a video camera, likes video editing, and wants to help some wacko (that's me!) do wacky things across Philadelphia. I think a Blankbaby TV focusing on all things Philly would be a hoot (and popular as well) but it'll be hard to find someone who has a similiar sense of humor as I do and the equipment to make this happen. I'm the talent you see, I would be the host (who isn't afraid to look like an idiot), the writer (though help with writing is welcome), and a co-producer. I would need a director, camera man, and editor (and perhaps co-writer if they wanted to).

So, dear Blankbaby readers, which do you think I should focus on? Or should I stick with what I know and write crappy self centered blog posts such as this (actually no matter which option I go with Blankbaby will go on. Nothing can stop Blankbaby!).

HowTo: Export your posts from Typepad

Export TypepadGiven the recent wackiness with Typepad, I thought it would be a good idea to export all my posts as a backup. I went through all the steps and I thought to myself, 'This isn't hard to do but if you don't even know this exists you're pretty much screwed.'

I have created this short video tutorial on how to export your posts from Typepad to help others do it for themselves. Right click on the link to save it to your desktop (the video is in Quicktime and clocks in around 10 megs for about 4 minutes of video).

Let me know if you found it useful and perhaps I'll do some more of these screencasts.