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Random Trek T-shirt


I have a podcast called Random Trek in which I discuss a random episode of Star Trek with a non-random guest. It is a hoot. You should listen to it.

You should also buy one of these nifty Random Trek t-shirts (available for a very limited time). Why? Because my little podcast could use the support, and I could use the ego boost of having more than 12 people want to wear a t-shirt promoting a project of mine (really, it is all about me).

Buy a shirt, damn it!

Also, if you haven't been listening to the podcast why not check out a few episodes. The most helpful review on iTunes raves:


Why wouldn't you listen?

Newly Cohabitating: Episode 2

Literally 2 or 3 people said our last Newly Cohabitating episode was entertaining, so we hauled out the USB microphone and recorded another one. Episode 2 covers the first day of our 'officially' living together (since I don't have another apartment anymore), desk cleaning, and the many quirks of Marisa.

Oh, and since we are having fun with this, expect us to launch yet another blog with a feed you can subscribe to in iTunes (or whatever you like).

Newly Cohabitating: Episode 1

As you know, Marisa and I are in the process of moving in together (well, I'm moving a selection of my crap into her place) and so our newest project was born.

I give you Newly Cohabitating: Episode 1. Yes, we've started an audio podcast! If we do it again we'll launch a blog and all that good crap. Give it a listen (it is about 10 minutes long) and let us know if you want more.

Blankbaby Media

I'm thinking about re-purposing Blankbaby Media, which at the moment only hosts my infrequent podcasts and Blankbaby TV shows, into a kind of 'professional' site. That would list my blogs and things, but could also serve as a sort of homepage for a consulting/media company.

The one thing that is keeping me back? I suck at designing crap. :(

Ahh well, I thought I would blog this before I forgot about the idea. Back to the trenches of Macworld!

Blankbaby Radio 8

radioblankbaby.jpgI recorded Blankbaby Radio 8 last week, but I neglected to link to it from the main blog, so I am rectifying that situation right now (every time I use words like 'rectify' I think of the punchline, 'Rectum? Damn near killed him!' Yes, I am immature but that is all part of my inexplicable charm).

I talk about Spamalot, and some other crap. You should check it out, because you know you like my voice (admit it!).


Blankbaby Media is now live and features Blankbaby Radio 6. At the moment the feeds are a little screwy, so enclosures don't seem to be working, but I'm aware of the issue and I'll have it fixed soon.

This means that the old Blankbaby Media ( is no longer going to be updated. I'll post something over there later today to let the 4 people who visit it know.

Blankbaby Radio 6 is an 'enhanced podcast' meaning that it is an AAC with chapters, so if you use iTunes you get some need features otherwise you are left out in the cold.

Blankbaby Media at a cross roads

Ok, folks, I am getting ready to migrate Blankbaby Media, the home of both Blankbaby Radio and Blankbaby TV, to its very own domain. Exciting, yes?

However, I have come to realize that I can only really devote my energy to one or the other.

If I go whole hog into Blankbaby Radio I will get myself some mics, a mixer, and be good to go (and perhaps I will follow through with that co-hosting idea of mine).

If I go head first into Blankbaby TV I am going to need to find a partner. One who has a video camera, likes video editing, and wants to help some wacko (that's me!) do wacky things across Philadelphia. I think a Blankbaby TV focusing on all things Philly would be a hoot (and popular as well) but it'll be hard to find someone who has a similiar sense of humor as I do and the equipment to make this happen. I'm the talent you see, I would be the host (who isn't afraid to look like an idiot), the writer (though help with writing is welcome), and a co-producer. I would need a director, camera man, and editor (and perhaps co-writer if they wanted to).

So, dear Blankbaby readers, which do you think I should focus on? Or should I stick with what I know and write crappy self centered blog posts such as this (actually no matter which option I go with Blankbaby will go on. Nothing can stop Blankbaby!).

Help me with the next Blankbaby Radio

Hey all, as you know I just got Vonage.  I am keeping my old number, but it takes up to 20 days to get it transfered, so Vonage has given me a 'virtual number' for the time being.  I thought it would be fun if people called that virtual number and left a message for me, as if you're calling a talk radio show.  I will then take the messages and create the next Blankbaby Radio around them.

Sounds like fun, right?  So, call me and leave a question, a comment, or a rant and I'll weave it into a compelling podcast tapestry.

Here's the number (long distance charges will apply):


I hope to hear from you soon (and don't worry, my Vonage phone isn't set up yet so you are guaranteed to get voicemail).

Oh, and in the message don't forget to leave your name (or a name).  So a message would go like this, 'Hi, Scott, this is <name>, blah blah.'

This is going to be fun!

Blankbaby Radio 5: Don't hug the Blankbaby

radioblankbaby.jpgI was born a blankbaby, and you know what that means! Another installment of your favorite, and mine, Blankbaby Radio.

Blankbaby Radio 5 allows me to expound on my alma mater, touching, and family. What more could you ask for? What's that you say? A regularly produced podcast with much better content?

Yeah, right, like that's going to happen.

Download it here (9.9 megs of Scotty goodness in mp3 format), or subscribe to the feed (you so want to subscribe to the feed)

Blankbaby Radio 4


Podcast numero 4 is up and ready for your listening.

This was recorded last night, in a fit of creativity and thoughts about my underwear, so fair warning on that.  However, the content is not 'explicit,' so feel free to gather the family around the hearth, download the podcast, and listen to Blankbaby Radio with your loved ones (the best way to listen to anything, really).

I know a few people listen to the podcast, so I figured the audience to be somewhere around 5 - 8 people, 10 max.  I took a look at the server logs and my last podcast was downloaded somewhere in the area of 208 times.  Unless someone is downloading the MP3 multiple times it seems I have a much larger audience than I thought.  If you listen to the podcast leave a comment and let me know.

Anywho, here is a direct link to the file: file (5.8 megs, mp3).

You can also subscribe to my podcast feed, if you're into that kinda thing.  Soon you'll even be able to get Blankbaby Radio via iTunes.  High tech, ain't I?

Blankbaby Radio 3

radioblankbaby.jpgMy third podcast is up and ready for you peeps to give a listen to.

I recorded this podcast last night, since I had no plans and was just a tad bored. I'm even thinking of doing a podcast a week, so let me know what kind of things you would like to see (well, hear really) in a regularly scheduled Blankbaby Podcast.

I know I started off poo-pooing podcasts, but they're fun to make, and they remind me of those heady days that I spent DJing a radio show was Chris at Lehigh. Perhaps I should find myself a co-host...

Anywho, here is a direct link to the file: file (5.2 megs, mp3).

You can also subscribe to my podcast feed, if you're into that kinda thing.

Blankbaby Radio 2

radioblankbaby.jpgMy second podcast is up and ready for your listening ears.

I recorded this podcast with my brand spankin' new headset, so it actually sounds much better than my first podcast. I also had a little fun with Garageband's ability to change your voice to produce the best podcast intro ever... on Blankbaby that is.

This podcast covers the headset, the importance of your blog name, and a podcast exclusive which I will not blog about anywhere else. Running time is a little over nine minutes, which you will never have back (however, the best part of the podcast is at the end).

Here is a direct link to the file: file (5.5 megs, mp3).

You can also subscribe to my podcast feed, if you're into that kinda thing.

Blankbaby Radio

radioblankbaby.jpgPodcasting is all the rage, and so I thought I would jump on the band wagon several months late and make my own.

I have titled the new series, 'Blankbaby Radio,' because I am very clever. This is in all actuality a test run for trying to do a podcast for TUAW.

If you like it, let me know. It was fun to do, so I will probably do another one even if everyone hates it.

Here is the file (7.4 megs, mp3).