Scott Gets Fit


The last few weeks have been hectic for me. You know what that means, life intrudes on the Fitness Journey. You don't eat right, you skip the gym more often, and you feel like crap.

Luckily, I was able to get back on track last week and I have lost another 2 pounds (after gaining back a few pounds... which I will admit I skipped recording on here).

It is a cliche, I know, but getting fit is a marathon, not a sprint. I'll be dealing with this crap for rest of my very long (I hope) life.

Oh, and I have decided that it would be really great if I could get to the 100 pound mark by August 16th (which would coincide with the first entry here on Scott Gets Fit).

6.6 pounds in about 8 weeks? I can totally do that.


It has been a few weeks since I weighed in (Joe is doing a much better job of posting his weigh ins on schedule.. yet another instance in which Joe is better than I am! Damn you, Joe!).

Anyway, enough of that! I have lost 91 pounds so far. That's pretty incredible. You know what else is incredible? What I am doing at the gym. I go 5 times a week and do the following:

  • 4.5 miles (or so) on the elliptical (that's 30 minutes on the damn machine)
  • 8 minutes on the treadmill (which is about .75 miles at the pace I go)
  • some light strength training, very very light but it is a start

I'm turning into some sort of gym regular or something.


Yep, I gained a tiny bit. There are a few things to consider though:

  • The gym was closed for most of the week, so I only went 3 times

  • I ate like crazy! Ice cream, cake, muffins... you name it I ate it.

Therefore, I take this tiny gain as an indication that I am on the right track! Hurrah!

Treadmill man

Exercise, the bane of every fat man’s existence. I have been successfully shedding pounds, and I make no bones about the fact that exercise has been the key to it all. Sure, I have been eating a little better, but I have been working out like a mofo.

Over the last 8 months I have been doing one thing at the gym, the elliptical. I started off barely being able to stay on the damned thing for 5 minutes, and now… drum roll please… I am doing 30 minutes on the elliptical 5 times a week. Let me tell you, I ain’t strolling along on that damned thing either, I’ve been doing at least 4 miles in those 30 minutes. It really makes a guy sweat (and fat guys sweat with the best of ‘em).

The other day Joe was at the gym, pursuing his Joe Gets Fit Plan, and he challenged me to a treadmill race. A race! No man worth his salt can refuse a man to man challenge and despite my many misgivings about the treadmill, which included:

  • I just spent 30 minutes going 4 miles on an elliptical machine, would this be pushing it?

  • When I first starting doing the elliptical machine it frightened the crap out of me. Would I fall off of it? Would I hurt myself? Imagine those fears amplified several times. The elliptical isn’t a giant conveyor belt of Doom. I have seen more than my fair share of treadmill launched iPods smashed against the cruel, unforgiving gym floor. Imagine me in the place of that iPod, and you can imagine what I was thinking.

  • Running, what’s it good for?

I accepted Joe’s challenge. With a little help I figured out how to operate the treadmill and I jogged a little (I won’t say who won the race, but I did).

That, dear readers, is how a few minutes on the treadmill has entered into the official Scott Gets Fit training regimen. At the moment I am only doing 5 minutes on the treadmill (after 30 minutes on the elliptical) but soon enough I’ll be running for longer and longer.


I never thought 2 tenths would make me a very happy man, but it has. Today I found myself at the gym and on the scale and a big thing happened. I am (or was) less then 300 pounds for the first time in well over a decade.

This is huge (and I am not as huge as I once was!).

Who would have thought that diet and exercise would have such a positive impact on my life. Someone really needs to get the word out about that stuff.


I just realized it has been a little over a week since I posted my last weight. I just jumped on the scale, averting my gaze to avoid making eye contact with naked men in the locker room, and I am at 307.8.

That's one more pound down! Of course that number doesn't tell the story of my weekend, which involved many things I knew I shouldn't eat but I wanted to eat, and so I ate. Diet is key to this whole effort, but when I started this I knew I wouldn't be successful if I beat myself up every time I ate 4 gallons of ice cream in one sitting (I mean, who doesn't do that from time to time?). Therefore, I am not making food the enemy, I am merely avoiding food that has lots of calories, most of the time.

It is amazing to me, though, how much my eating habits have changed over the last several months. I'm not as hungry as I once was but I am taking part in lots more activities. I can't explain it, but I likes it!

5ish (4.8 to be exact) more pounds until I hit my first goal.


I went on a carb bender this weekend (potatoes, quesadillas, no flour chocolate tarts, crackers and cheese, and a few styrofoam packing peanuts) but I still managed to make head way towards my goal of 303 pounds. 6 more pounds and I'll be at my goal.

Isn't that exciting? And then I get to do it all over again!

I’m so vain, I probably think this post is about me

I’m not losing weight for anyone other than myself. That is why I have been so successful at it. If you’re trying to change something about yourself with the hope of pleasing someone else, you’re doomed to fail. You gotta be you (and I gotta be me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way).

That being said, it is nice to hear the phrase, ‘You’re lost weight!’ from people other than ones self (I was recently looking at this picture of myself, and I thought, ‘Ye gods, I have lost a lot of weight!’). Today, after lunching, I made my usual afternoon Wawa trip.

Oh, how I love Wawa. Their sandwiches are tasty, the stores are usually well kept, and they even offer a number of mildly healthy snacks for someone trying to get fit (I also enjoy their chocolate chip muffins, but at 678 calories, not something I often eat anymore). So I was in Wawa purchasing some almonds and a Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, which is pretty usual for my afternoon snack, when something very nice happened. I was paying for my crap, and the lady behind the register, who I have been chatting with pretty regularly for the last few years, said, ‘You’re lost a lot of weight, haven’t you?’

Sure, it is a little vain, but that really made my day. Kudos to you, Wawa lady!


After a disappointing weigh in last week I have come back with a vengeance. I'm back on Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet, and I am ellipticaling like a mad man (I break the 3 mile mark each time I go to the gym, and it takes me 26 minutes. Not too shabby for a fat dude who was out of breath after 6 minutes when I started (though I'm still a fat dude).

For those of you checking track at home, that means I have lost 68.8 pounds in 6 months.


Oh, the horror! I've gained a little over 3 pounds since my last check in. Perhaps all is lost and I should just toss in the towel.

Nay, I say, nay!

I knew I would be gaining a little bit over the last few weeks. How did I know this? Because I was eating like a mad man (just yesterday I had 2 pieces of cake and 3 doughnuts).

So, it is back on the South Beach Diet for Scottycakes.

The gym is almost enjoyable

I’m back at the gym 5 times (a least) a week, and I am liking it.

You read that correctly, I am starting to enjoy going to the gym. Sure, it sucks when you’re there. And I still feel out of place amongst the young, fit, and good looking people one finds at the gym (though I tend to feel out of place in most places) but yet I almost look forward to going to the gym at the end of the day.

What up with that?

I am also up to 25 minutes on the elliptical, mostly because Roz forced me to do it. Today I burned 380 calories, or so, and went 2.3 miles on the elliptical. It is hard to believe that a few months ago I could barely do 8 minutes on that infernal device.

There you have it, I may turn into a gym rat yet!


Since my last weigh in (335.4) 1 month ago (!) I haven't been working out. I went to see my mom for the holidays, and then I got sick (working out whilst stuffed up doesn't appeal to me), and then I was off at Macworld for a week.

I also ate pretty much whatever I felt like eating (i.e. every carb in sight). Case in point, one evening while at Macworld I had 4 cream puffs for dinner. Not exactly diet friendly.

Given this dire news I was certain that today's return to the gym would be both depressing and shocking. I was sure I had gained back at least 10 pounds, and I would need to redouble my efforts to become slightly attractive. Luckily, I was wrong!

That's right, I lost 3.4 pounds over the last month without doing a lick of exercise. I suppose this means that I have taken when I learned about eating healthier and have applied to my everyday life (with the occasional foray into cream puff land).

Furthermore, this means that since August 19th (6 months) I have lost 51 pounds. Not too shabby, though I need to step it up if you want to stay on track to lose 80 pounds in 8 months (which means I have to shed 15 pounds in the next month... we'll see about that).

I have a confession to make

sweet sweet pepsiThe last few weeks have not been good for the whole Scott Gets Fit thing. The holidays meant that I was eating more, but I wasn't working out. And then this week I was off enjoying Macworld, so I need not tell you that I wasn't working out a bit.

Now, that isn't too shocking. I'll get back in the gym forthwith (perhaps on Monday, definitely on Tuesday) so that's not bad.

I, however, have another confession to make: Bless me father for I have sinned, it has been one day since I drank a Pepsi. That's right, my 5 months of Pepsi free living is over! I had a Pepsi yesterday, on the Macworld show floor, and let me tell you something: it was good. Very, very good. I always forget how much I like Pepsi until I taste it once again.

Sadly, I won't be drinking another Pepsi for quite awhile.

Worst. Workout. Ever.

I went to the gym today, as I am wont to do what with the getting fit and all. I spend most of my time at the gym working out on the elliptical machine. When I first started out I could hardly elliptical (that’s a verb, right?) for 8 minutes straight. I felt like I was going to collapse right there on the machine, and probably crush some pretty young thing under my enormous girth.

Fast forward 4 months, or so, and I am banging out a solid 23 minutes on the elliptical, and I just broke the 2 mile mark this weekend (the machine keeps track of how far you have ellipticaled in the time elapsed). Suffice to say I was feeling pretty good about my relationship wit the elliptical machine. I thought we had an understanding. I thought we were friends.

The elliptical is no man’s friend.

Today I went to the gym and had the worst workout ever. Something just didn’t feel right, and I only ellipticaled 1.9 miles, which was sad. I was feeling pretty down when the elliptical flashed ‘Workout Summary: Level 4.’

Goodness! I had been suffering along at Level 1 this entire time, and today I am on Level 4! I have no idea what that means, but the workout was pretty darned tough. I thought about stopping for a second but I ellipticaled it off.

Today might just have been my best workout ever (and I burned 400 calories).

Five Questions

Color me flattered! Colin, he of The Diet fame, has composed a list of 5 questions that he posed to a few successful dieters. Little old me (and getting smaller everyday) is one of the successful people on his list. Way cool!

You can read Colin’s answers, and the answers from:

  • James (I’ve always liked his blog’s design)

  • Chris

Here are my humble answers:

What are the top five reasons you started to diet in the first place?

I’ve been a fat guy for a long, long time. Nothing too shocking about that, but in the last few years even I thought I was getting a little too fat. I lacked motivation to do anything about it, and then I got an ear infection.

The ear infection started in my right ear, and somehow managed to get into my left ear. I had dueling ear infections. I was going to ride out the one ear infection, but I couldn’t stand the pain of both so to the doctor I went. The doctor looked in my ear, gave me a prescription and scheduled me for a followup appointment.

I figured the followup would be to check on ye olde ears, but it was all a ruse. A damn, dirty ruse! She did peep at my ears, but then said, ‘So, you’re weight isn’t where we would like it to be. And we looked at your bloodwork and you’re almost diabetic and your blood-pressure is high. We have to do something about this now.’

This didn’t come to me as a shock. I can even remember then I knew that I wasn’t the Scott that I wanted to be. I was at my mom’s house for Christmas, and I just recently cut my hair and shaved off my beard. I took this picture and let’s just say I wasn’t very happy with the way I looked. I wasn’t that fat was I?

Yes, yes I was.

The doctor’s words finally motivated me to do something, and so I would have to say my top five reasons are:

  1. To no die

  2. To be healthy

  3. Did I mention the whole death thing?

  4. I felt it was now or never

  5. To look more like I do in my mind’s eye

That last one is the real clincher. I have a healthy self image, one that doesn’t really align with reality. More and more often over the last few years I would look in the mirror and think, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s what I look like.’ And not in a good way.

What was your biggest failure on the diet, and how did you overcome it?

Hmm, I don’t think I have had any major setbacks as such. I mean, going to the gym sucks. Not being able to shovel whatever I want into my big, fat face sucks but overall it is working.

I have been snacking at night a little more than I should, so that is probably the biggest failure to date, but I haven’t overcome it yet. I’ll let you know when I do.

Did blogging help or hinder your success?

I started this blog the on August 17th, and I haven’t looked back. If I weren’t blogging this, I wouldn’t be doing it. I can’t stress that enough. Even though Scott Gets Fit has turned into a list of my weigh ins it has helped motivate me (and it is fun to track how I have lost about 50 pounds in real time).

Plus the blog got me to publicly say that I weighed 383 pounds, and that was important to me. I needed to ‘own’ the problem. I was scared for a long time that if people knew how much I weighed they would stop liking me (I actually just wrote ‘stop licking me’ by mistake. Sadly, no one has been licking me in awhile). It makes no sense, since my friends are awesome, but it was just something I had to come to gripes with. Blogging helped me do it.

Plus, if I fail all my friends will know and I’d be embarrassed.

What things did you do to help ensure your success?

Colin says :
Simple. I do what I find fun and don’t do the stuff I hate.

That is the exact opposite of what I have done. I hate going to the gym, but I do it at least 3 times a week (I try for 4 but I’m only human). If I weren’t exercising I would still be losing weight thanks to my diet, but it would take much longer.

The key to my success is routine. I do the same thing at the gym every time I go, and I try to go at the same times every week. Without that routine I would be skipping the gym left and right, and that wouldn’t be very helpful at all.

What is one recommendation you’d have for someone on Day 1 of their diet?

This is a cliche, but only because it is true: losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint. What does that mean? It means that you won’t always stick to your diet, and you won’t always be working out. You’ll gain back some weight you lost, but that’s ok! You can work it off again. This is a long term thing you’re entering into, not a get skinny fast plan. Hard work will pay off, but it won’t be quick and it won’t be easy. It will be very satisfying though.


I lost another pound! This isn't too exciting, however, if you factor in that I was shoving tons of food into my face around Thanksgiving it is very good. I honestly was expecting to have gained a few pounds (3 canolis will do that to you).

The gym scale is right!

A quick note before I run off for my usual Friday night activities (i.e. D&D). I went to the Doctor's today (more later) and I jumped on the scale.

Guess how much I weighed...

If you said 338 pounds you get a sugar free cookie! Hurrah, the gym scale and the Doctor's scale agree.

I had a fear that the scale at the gym was lying to me, and when I got to the Doc's I would find out that I gained weight and they would be all like, 'WTF, dude.' And I would be all like 'I'm too busy crying like a little girl to answer your question.'

Luckily, that wasn't the case.

44 down, 36 to go (before the next goal, that is).

Double checking

The scales of Just FitI am firmly of the school that you shouldn't weigh yourself too often. Your weight fluctuates for a number of reasons from day to day, so you're just setting yourself up for failure if you weigh in all the time (unless, of course, you're in training for some sort of athletic endeavor. Then I suppose you might want to check more often). Yesterday, I tipped the scales at 342.8, which is great (for me, still not good overall). It means I have lost 40 pounds! Hurrah!

The only problem being that I didn't think I actually lost 40 pounds. It seems mind-boggling to me that I could lose that much weight in such a short amount of time, plus I wasn't eating all that well last week. I figured I misread the scale (though it is digital and I am fairly good at reading numbers). Since I hit the gym again today (and I'll be going tomorrow) I thought I would double check, you know, just to make sure.

It is official, 40 pounds of Scott is no more.