Scott Gets Fit

A shirt from the other side of the hanger

Photo on 6 1 21 at 1 27 PM

The pandemic hasn't been good for my waist line, like many other folks out there.

I've been snacking more, and moving less... because life has been stressful (at least for those of us who think COVID-19 is a real thing). However, since the pandemic seems to be winding down a bit for those populations in the world who can get vaccinated (and if you can, you should. No, Bill Gates isn't interested in tracking you and this isn't a grand government experiment to limit your freedom. Stop being an idiot.) I am again trying to do the right thing in regards to my health.

Since I'm vaccinated I am comfrotable with running outside again. I tried running with a mask for awhile, but it really, really sucked. So I bought a spinning cycle and used that, but my body just doesn't respond to it the same way. Could be that I just don't push myself hard enough on the bike, but running always seems to work for me when I want to start shedding some pounds.

And so I've been pounding the pavement in Center City.

A few months ago I spent a few hours trying on each and everyone one of my Hawiian shirts as I watched "Head of the Class" on HBO Max, as is tradtional.

This exercise left me with two groups of shirts:

  • Those that fit

  • Those that didn't

I hung them all up, but placed a couple of hangers between them so I would know from which group to grab a shirt in the morning (let me tell you, trying on several shirts before you find one that fits is not a great way to start the morning).

Today, dear reader, I'm wearing a shirt that was formerly in the "Those that didn't" section. Hurrah!

Now, I still have a lot of work to do before all of my shirts can intermingle once more, and I can close my eyes and select a shirt at random (my prefered method of dressing myself) but progress is being made.

Thanks, Pandemic!

My Weight

According to my blog I've cared about my weight for the last 15 years ago, ever since I realized I was 383 pounds and wanted to be... not 383 pounds. The good news is that I've managed to keep about 120 under that for over a decade. Hurrah!

The bad news? Well, if you look at the chart above you can see that over 2020 my weight trended upward (the dotted line is the overall trend-line... which goes down. I included it because it made me feel good and this is my blog. So deal with it!). I've gained about 25 pounds or so over the last year, which is less than ideal.

As I looked into this I wanted to figure out why I might have gained this weight when I've been pretty good about maintaining my weight around 235 pounds or so for awhile. I imagine it might have everything to do with:

  • Global Pandemic Stress
  • Working from home for the last 11 months, with access to all things delicious
  • Worrying about Trump getting re-elected
  • Celebrating Biden getting elected
  • Worrying about armed insurrection

It has been a year, people!

Anyway, I've decided I need to get back on track. This is a little way to hold myself publicly accountable. I've set a goal weight of 230 pounds. I think that's do-able, especially since I'm going to give myself until 2022 to get there. Should be easily doable!

2018 in Fitness

It has been almost 2 years since I decided to drop some pounds and sign up for Weight Watchers. Over those two years I've lost nearly 130 pounds:


40 of those pounds were shed in 2018. Hurrah for me!

This is the most successful dieting effort I've ever tried and 2018 just continues the success.

I'm pretty sure at this point I weigh less than I did in high school. It is still a surreal experience for me to buy an XL shirt and have it fit. Mind blown, man.

Some folks surely think, "Scott, you've done Weight Watchers for 2 years now, surely you can just save some money and watch what you eat."

Ha! My experience over the holidays in which I gave myself a holiday from tracking my food shows me that I still have no idea how to feed myself properly (though I do know how to get rid of a lot of shortbread in a short amount of time). For me, Weight Watchers is going to be something in my life for the foreseeable future and I'm cool with that.


The secret to my success is a seldom talked about combination of watching what I eat and exercising. Activities2018

I use my Fitbit watch to track all my exercising over the year and as you can see I worked out 231 times in 2018.

My exercise of choice is running, and I was surprised to see treadmilling edged out running outdoors. Who knew?

I opt for the elliptical when all the treadmills in the gym are taken OR after I've fallen down on a run, banged up my knee, and it hurts to run but doesn't hurt to elliptical.

That lone hike? It was in Northern Ireland and it was awesome.

Given how often I ran this year it would be very sad if I didn't improve at all. And I did! Here are my best efforts of the year (and of my life):


Go me!

I think I'm getting the hang of this running thing

That's from my run yesterday. I had an average pace of 8:26/mile, which is exciting. And I'm pretty happy with the consistency (well, generally speaking) of my pace on the run:


There are a few reasons that I can point to for this improvement:

  • I've been running 4 times a week for several months. This is the biggest one.
  • The weather in Philadelphia is currently in my ideal running weather sector: cool and not humid at all.
  • I turned off the audio pacing announcement in Runkeeper. Now it just alerts me for every mile I've run. I found that if I heard what my pace was I'd think, "I can't run that fast!" and then I would stop running that fast.
  • I bought some new running shoes

Enjoying Ireland with less of me

I'm wearing an XL t-shirt! 😱

When last we were in Ireland I was a different person. Well, not really, but I was a heavier dude. Like, over 100 pounds heavier.

Above you’ll see the thinner me wearing an XL T-shirt I bought at the Giant’s Causeway. If Marisa hadn’t been with me I would have bought an XXL because in my mind I’m still that big… but the shirt fits so nicely! As do the 4 XL sweaters I’ve bought for myself while here (just in time for the Philadelphia summer, though with the way the weather has been behaving perhaps they will come in handy during a July snowstorm).

A few other things have changed on this trip as compared to last:

  • I bought a scale while here so I can continue weighing myself on Fridays (the scale has stones as the primary measure with kg much smaller. I can’t recommend the scale, but it was cheap).
  • I packed my running shoes and have actually gone on a few runs. I even went to the gym after going for a 5 mile hike.
  • I decided to walk 20,000 steps a day whilst here, to counteract my less stringent adherence to my daily Weight Watchers points allotment. And it seems to be working.
  • Flying for 6 hours in coach wasn’t that uncomfortable. Something that was never true when I was 100 pounds heavier.

37 minutes and 24 seconds


Today was unseasonably warm in Philadelphia, so I thought to myself, “I should go run outside instead of on that dumb old treadmill I’ve been running on for weeks and weeks!”

The last time I ran outside it was Christmas Eve, I was in Texas, and I wasn’t feeling the run at all. I ran 3,3 miles in 40 minutes and 48 seconds.

I wasn’t sure what to expect for my run today - actually, I expected it to slow and horrible. It wasn’t! Well, it was as horrible as running always is, but I ran my best 4 mile time (outside) ever and I mananged to run 4 sub-10 minute miles in a row.

Hurrah for me! 

1 Year, and 94.5 pounds, Later

Scott vs. Scott

A year ago I, somewhat on a whim, I signed up for Weight Watchers. I figured I'd give it a year and see what happened.

Now, I should say that I didn't think much would happen but I knew I needed to lose some weight and figured, "why not?"

See, I'd lost 100 pounds and gained 80 pounds back (though I managed to keep 20 pounds off, so that should count for something).

I dropped all that weight by not eating carbs and working out. That worked well, but it wasn't sustainable and so I turned to Weight Watchers.


A year later and I've lost 94.5 pounds so far, and the craziest thing is that it wasn't really that hard. Sure, I can't eat whatever I want (and guess what? I generally want to eat lots of stuff I shouldn't eat in quantities that aren't advisable) and I go to the gym more often then I would like, i.e. more than 0 times a week, but overall it hasn't been that big of a change.

My biggest take-way from this last year is that I have no idea how to eat like a normal person. Most people manage to make sensible food choices every day with actively following a set of rules enforced by an app. I just can't do that, however, I'm really good at sticking to clear rules about food (which was way the whole "no carbs" thing was my first choice).

The fact that I can eat whatever I want, as long as I have the points to spend, makes me accountable with my eating. Intellectually, I know that having a doughnut from time to time isn't a big deal... but for me that "time to time" shifts from once a month to once a week to once a day in an astonishing short time.

Weight Watchers also appeals to a strange quirk of mine: I really like to know what I'm going to eat several meals ahead of time. Now I can leverage this oddness to plan out my eating for a couple of days and know what kinds of snacks I can have.

What's next?

When I signed up for Weight Watchers, as I said above, I wasn't expecting much but I did secretly hope that I would lose 100 pounds by my birthday. At the moment I am far closer to this goal than I thought was possible, but I'm certain I won't hit that soft goal (I've lost about 1.9 pounds a week on average), but 100 pounds is my goal, which I'm sure I'll hit sometime by the end of February.

After that... perhaps another 20 pounds? Sure, why not!

My 5k Report

I ran my second 5K race ever yesterday! You can read all about my first experience in 2008 (so young!) on this very blog. Mayor Nutter (who was the mayor of Philadelphia at the time) was there, and I met him so that was cool. And Marisa took what is my favorite picture of the day:


That's me pointing to the Mayor's back. How security didn't escort me away I'll never know.

Much like my first 5K experience, signing up for this one was something of an impulsive decision. I wanted to support the cause of getting rid of colon cancer in my mom's memory so it seemed like a good idea. Of course, I hadn't actually ran outside, or really at all, for months and months and months before I signed up.

I had been doing an hour on the elliptical for several months, so I didn't think it would be too bad to get back into the running habit. To train I went out and did exactly what you aren't supposed to do: I ran a 5K run to see how it would feel.

Reader, I ran my fastest 5K ever! At this point I considered becoming a professional runner, but the benefits aren't great.

A week later, I ran another 5K and BEAT my previous time again!

Then we went on vacation and I ran along the coast of Oregon… and didn't beat my record. However, I did get chased by a couple of dogs so that was fun.

I ran a few more times in Philadelphia and before I knew it race day was upon me. Marisa, sadly, was off being famous so she couldn't be there. My brother and his girlfriend came down to watch me race (though they weren't there at the start, since really it isn't that exciting. And due to a coffee mishap they missed me crossing the finish line, but it is the thought that counts!).

I showed up, pinned my number to my t-shirt and waited. I hate being late for things, so I was an hour early for the race. I could have helped myself to some snacks… but I don't eat before I run since I imagine myself vomiting along the route (this is also why I don't eat before public speaking).

Since I had so much time on my hands I checked out the giant colon:

Soon it was time to start the race. I was surrounded by people in much better shape than me (some of whom were wearing nothing but their underwear. I was wearing the pair of boxers they gave to runners [it was an undy run] over my running shorts… doubly secured).

And off I went! My goal for this race was simple: pace myself. During my practice runs I was so excited to be running outside that my first mile would be super fast (well, for me) and then the second mile would be slower, and the third mile would be me jogging/walking and hating life.

I didn't want to walk at all during the 5K, and I didn't want to expend all my energy during the first mile. How did I do?

Check out my Runkeeper stats:

Image 29

I am very proud of how darn consistent I was able to keep my pacing. How did I manage it? Well, I had set Runkeeper to tell me my pace at 1 mile intervals, which really meant that I couldn't adjust at all. Before the race I set it to alert me every .5 mile (which I didn't think would be too annoying) and it worked like a charm.

Now, when I registered for the race I had two fears:

  • I would be the fattest person running.
  • I would come in dead last.

I'm happy to report that only one of those fears was true, which made the fact that the second didn't come true all the sweeter.

Sure, I was the biggest guy running (lots of people did the fun walk) but I wasn't the slowest person. Hurrah for me!

Now, I was very far from being the fastest person but I did come in 9th in my age group (104th overall). That's something.

The run itself was pretty good. I made sure to run along the far edge of the road so people could easily pass me (since I wasn't running very fast). We ran 1.5 miles one way, turned around, and ran back.

The way out was great. I was chugging along. Passing some people, having some people pass me. No big deal. Then I turned the corner, passed the water station (no water for me, thanks. Don't want to vomit) and ended up behind 3 teenage girls walking side by side on the race route. It was clear that they were friends since they were chatting amongst themselves. No big deal, but they were blocking the entire half of the road. I sped up, swerved around them and passed them.

No big deal.

Well, having seen an old fat guy pass them they decided they needed to speed up themselves and so they passed me. And kept running. Until they started walking again. And, you guessed it, I had to pass them again since I was running at a consistent speed.

Once again, they saw this… and decided to run pass me again.

And then they started walking side by side again.

So I passed them, again.

And this was with about .7 miles left, so I was pretty sure they would run past me and beat me to the finish line… but I didn't see them again.

Therefore I assume I beat them. Take that, teenage girls who I am sure have no memory of me even being there!

According to the race chip I ran the 5K in 31:39 which gave me an average pace of a 10 minute 11 second mile (3 times in a row!).

And then I ate two bananas and drank all the water:

When I ran my last 5K (9 years ago) it took me 33:03, so I improved without really trying. Hurrah for me.

And a much bigger hurrah to everyone who donated to the cause. I was almost the top fundraiser for the race (I was bet by $75 but I'm ok with that).

You need a good work out.


Loyal readers of Blankbaby will know that over the last couple of years I've had an on again, off again relationship with the gym. It is on again (and I'm shedding pounds left and right), which is a very good thing.

I'm lucky enough to have a gym that I can use both where I work (in the lovely Comcast Center in Center City Philadelphia) and where I live (also in Center City, Philadelphia). As of late I've been using the gym at home which requires me to take the elevator down to the 5th floor dressed in my gym clothes, and then back up to the 20th floor after my work-out (and I'm drenched in sweat at this point).

Yesterday I got on the elevator wearing my gym shorts and an Iconfactory t-shirt. I was happy to find the elevator empty, sadly it stopped on the 11th floor and a young person who lives in my building (which is a rarity... Marisa and I are amongst the youngsters in the building!) got on with her parents who I assume were visiting. The mother turned to me, looked me up and down and said, "Are you going to the gym?"

I thought for a moment and responded, "Yes, yes I am."

"Oh, I only ask because my daughter is trying to get them to buy new treadmills."

That is a worth endeavor, and one which I support, so I replied, "Keep up the good fight!" and got off the elevator.

40 minutes later I was done with my work-out (I generally do 35 minutes on the elliptical and I'm slowly adding on some treadmill time... 5 minutes is my starting point and I'll work my way back to were I was several months ago) and I was dripping with sweat (as a fat man should be after he works out).

I pressed the up button so I could get home and hop in the shower. The elevator arrives and two little old ladies are standing there. I nod to them and get on.

After a moment one of the little old ladies turns to me and says, "Did you have a good workout?"

"Yes, I did!"

She smiled and looked away. That's when I noticed the other little old lady was giving me the once over. It looked like she wanted to say something to me, and sure enough she did.

Quote little old lady number two, "You need a good work out!"

This is, of course, the truth and yet I have been working under the assumption that we, as people, operate with a certain social contract. When you see an ugly person you don't go up to them and say, "Geez, what's up with your ugly face?" and then you're riding the elevator with a fat guy (like, oh, say me) who is covered in sweat you don't point out that he needs to work out. It is assumed that the sweaty fat guy, who JUST WORKED OUT, knows that he needs to continue working out.

Now little old lady number two was staring at me, waiting for a reply. I quickly glanced up and saw we were at the 14th floor. Too many floors to go without responding... but what could I do? The first thing I thought of saying was, "You need to shut up!" but I rejected that.

I ended up saying the only thing that I could. I chuckled and said, "That's true!" and spent the rest of the elevator ride avoiding eye contact with either of them.

Is it any wonder that I'm a hermit?


Weigh #2

I'm almost 3 weeks ahead of schedule for my Lose It or Lose It challenge. Not too shabby, sadly, getting ahead doesn't really help with Lose it or Lose It because I still have to lose another 3 pounds this week (and it just so happens to be Thanksgiving!).

I'm pretty sure I can knock off a few pounds this week, even with Turkey day. I'll be going to the gym tomorrow, perhaps Wednesday morning, and definitely Saturday and Sunday so it should be too much of a bother.

An update on Scott Gets Fit

More like Scott Gets Fat! See what I did there?

My all time low was 281.1 way back in August of 2007. That's 2 frickin years ago! Sadly, I've gained some weight back since then and I know exactly why:

  • I stopped going to the gym regularly
  • I fell back into bad eating habits (more on that in a minute)
  • I wrote two books

See, when I'm writing a book I tend to forget about everything else (including watching my weight). It is fine, really, since I can eat whatever I want, gain a few pounds, but know that once I'm done I'll go back to the gym and eating sensibly and all will be fine.

That's not what happened.

Despite finishing my latest book (which I hear will be available for purchase soon) I didn't go back to the gym. I continued to have a couple of sweet treats a day (if one sweet treat is good, isn't 3 so much better?). The end result is that I've gained back about 40 pounds of weight, which makes me a little sad.

However, now that I am getting married in just a few weeks I have motivation to get back on the getting fit bandwagon. Today marks the start of phase 1 of the South Beach diet (NO! CARBS! 'Til the wedding!) and I am back to hitting the gym. In fact, I am going to see if I can't go to the gym every day from now until September 26th (we'll see if I can keep that up, but I will go at least 5 times a week).

I've lost this weight before, and I know I can do it again (at least I'm still well below my heaviest and my clothes still fit.. which is important!).

The key to success, at least for me, is having a goal. I don't know how much weight I can reasonably lose before the wedding, so I am setting a goal of 50 pounds in 6 months. That seems more than reasonable to me and it'll bring me 10 pounds below my best weight!

Here's to getting fit... again!


scottgetsfiticon.gifWoah, it has been awhile since I've posted a Scott Gets Fit entry since December 12th, 2007! Interestingly, that's around the same time I started going out with Marisa. Mere coincidence? I think not!

Anyway, I'm back on the bandwagon and I weighed myself yesterday: 282.6 pounds, which is so close to my low of 281.1 (taking into account I stopped going to the gym and ate whatever the heck I wanted for the last few months this is good. I was probably about 297 a month ago. Hurrah for the gym!).

Stay tuned for more Scott Gets Fits posts, because darn it losing weight is fun!


It has been a good long while since I've posted about my whole getting fit thing. I hopped on the old scale today at the gym and I am clocking in at 281.7. Not the lightest I have ever been, but I'm only off that by .3 pounds, so I think I can deal with that.

More importantly I ran 2 ten minute miles back to back today, which was lots of fun (I actually ran 21 minutes at a rate of 6.1 mph, but who is counting?).

I feel better than I ever have, I look better than I have in a long while, and on top of all that it is Christmas time, which always makes me happy.

Everything is coming up McNulty!


This thing still on? Hello?

Ok, so I haven't been blogging much as of late on this old blog (ok, it has been a few months!) and there is a reason for that... I haven't been going to the gym as much. Now, I know what you're going to say, "Scott, have you given up?"

Never! I think it is crucial, though, not to let this weight lose thing get in the way of me living my life, and life has been pretty good and very busy.

Luckily, things have quieted down and I am back at the gym and you'll never guess that I have been doing there. That's right, I've been running on the treadmill for 26 minutes (doing about 2.3 miles, not too shabby).

Yes, I've gained a couple of pounds but I am still on the road to fitness.


Oh the horror, I've gained .2 pounds! Ok, so I am not upset by this in the least. Why? because two tenths of a pound is nothing, NOTHING I say! I've still lost over 100 pounds, and that's all that matters.

Plus I ate a punch of crap this week (not literally) and I had pasta last night for the first time in a long while (it was good, and it tasted even better after the 2 rolls I had).


Has it really been almost a month since I have blogged on Scott Gets Fit? So it would seem. While I have been neglecting this blog I haven't been neglecting the Scott Gets Fit project, and today's weight in proves it. I was dreading going to the gym today, but I convinced myself to get my ass off the couch and get to it, and boy am I glad I did.

281.1. 281.1! That's how much I weighed when I got on the scale today. You know what that means, I've lost 102 pounds (or so) in less than a year (ok, not much less than a year but still!). I'm ahead of the schedule I set for myself a month and a half ago. I'm excited to say the least.


Even after eating a pint of ice cream, and going to a 4th of July BBQ, I am down another pound a bit.

I think my metabolism is gearing up or something.

You know what this means? Only 3.1 more pounds and I will have lost 100 pounds since I started this crazy adventure. It is hard to believe that not so long ago I was weighing in at 383 and looked like this. I look back at these pictures and I am shocked that I didn’t do anything about my weight sooner, however, that isn’t the point of this. No need to worry about what I didn’t do, but rather concentrate on what’s working for me:

  • working out regularly (with some great folks)

  • eating better (I am not doing the South Beach Diet anymore, but I am applying principles that I learned doing it, and I am eating some of the things that they suggest on a regular basis)

  • actively thinking about my health

All of those points are important, but the last one has had the most impact. It is really very easy to slide back into my old habits of eating too much and moving too little. Thanks to this blog (which is a manifestation of my thinking about these issues, even if I don’t write too much on here) I am able to keep myself on the straight and narrow.

Let’s be real though, I’m not starving myself. This whole losing weight thing would be a mess if I changed my life in an unsustainable way. I have thought about going vegetarian, but that would just set me up for failure (I love me some steak), but eating more vegetables is something I can, and am, doing.

Life is all about being honest with yourself and knowing your limits. I’m not particularly strong willed, but I am able to follow routines. I have used my routine following skills to my advantage (going to the gym 5 times a week and doing the same thing every time might strike some as boring, but it strikes me as the way to a thinner, happier, and handsomer Scott) and replaced my old ruts with healthier ones.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do have a body that weighs 97 pounds lighter than it did 11 months ago and that’s good enough for me.