I needed gloves, I bought a sweater

New Sweater 2

I may not be 'sporty,' but I am damned photogenic. Am I right, ladies (and 10% of the dudes)? I thought so.

Anywho, this winter found me, as most winters do, gloveless. I did buy some gloves last year but damned if I know where they are. Since would seem that winter has stuck here in Philly it was time to protect my precious hands (hey, I make my living using my hands so they are important to me). Off to the local EMS I went in search of gloves, and gloves only.

It is interesting to note that since I have lost 100 pounds over the last year I've going from a 4XL to a XXL. That, in and of itself, is worthy of pointing out (as often as possible) but there is a greater meaning to that: I can now pretty much buy clothes in any old 'normal' store. Most stores stock sizes S to 2XL as a matter of course (and I am only talking about men's clothes here. Thank goodness I'm not a cross-dresser. I have no idea what the hell women's clothes size mean.. but I like to image that I'm a size 0) and up to waist size 40 (42s can be found in most cases but 40 is pretty much the upper limit that I have encountered. Sadly, I'm a 42 waist, which is down from an all time high of 50). Since I fit into 2XL shirts/sweaters/coats now I often find myself looking around at clothes when I enter a store like EMS.

I quickly found some gloves that I liked and then wondered over to the sweaters. I'm a sweater guy. For some reason, the sweaters, they talk to me (though not literally because that would be crazy). One sweater caught my eye: the EMS Heritage Sweater. I figured they wouldn't have my size, but I pawed through the stack and found a XXL. It was a bit pricey, but you only live once so I picked it up and when to check out. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the sweater was on sale! Uncle Scottycakes scores!

Above you see me in my new sweater staring into a lamp. I'm so attractive I could puke.

Yes, I need a haircut

I've been told by a number of people that I need a haircut. FINE! I'm getting a haircut at 9am on Friday morning at American Male (I chronicled my first visit to American Male a long while ago. And yes, I'm getting the 'Quality Grooming Experience,' which includes a paraffin hand dip (so nice!) and 2 shampoos (I fully intend to get both, damn it!).

The Daily Scott: now a part of Blankbaby


Awhile ago I had the bright idea of posting a picture of myself everyday, and The Daily Scott was created. Sadly, it wasn't so daily but I think the idea is still sound. I announced that the Daily Scott was moving over here and now it is complete. The dailyscott category now contains all the posts (and comments) from the old Daily Scott as well as the new additions. It makes much more sense for it to be here, I think.

Anywho, why not highlight some of my favorite Daily Scotts? I knew, dear reader, that you would be excited by that! Let's get started:

Update: Bah! It looks like something went a little screwy with the importing. I'll fix it at some point tomorrow, but until then just imagine what I look like.

Peanuts for me


My newest book, Schulz and Peanuts, has arrived. I had heard about this book awhile ago, but I was moved to purchase it when I saw the last 20 minutes, or so, of this episode of American Masters. The portrait which was painted by that show really seemed to mirror how I feel about myself.

Here is what really made me buy the book (and I'm paraphrasing here): when Charles Schulz was laying in the hospital dying of cancer (the same disease that killed his mother, and what he always feared would kill him) his minister friend said, 'Well, you must take comfort in the fact that millions of people are praying for you, Charles.' To which Shulz responded, 'then why I am still dying?'

Pretty profound stuff.