Fork You Live 02/23/08
So that's what eight pounds of change looks like

The TV is happy now

Our new media centerThe Big Move In continues! My fancy new TV has been in Apartment 2024 for awhile now, but a couple of days ago we finally bought a fitting stand for it. That's the West Elm Modern Storage Media stand in acorn. The website lists it for $349.00, but luckily for us there is a West Elm in Center City. Marisa and I stopped in the store on our way back from Fork You Live (more on that in a little bit) to get a look at this media center in person. We had seen it online and liked it, but you want to touch these kinds of things. Boy, are we glad we did! It would seem that the acorn colored Modern Storage Media stand had been recently discontinued and was available in the store for $200 less than what was listed (and still is listed) on the website. The only problem? Finding a store that had one in stock. Luckily, we had the most helpful salesperson ever who looked up what stores were listed as having some of these in stock, and called them to make sure they had them. He then handed the phone over to Marisa, who ordered the stand and had it shipped to the apartment for $20. Not too shabby at all.