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What a difference eight months makes

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Friday evening I was making my way to D&D when I came across Tim (he's the DM) on his way to pick up pizza for the night (many a D&D adventurer is fueled by pizza). I offered my assistance in getting the grub, and we got to chatting. Tim told me that he could really see a difference in me, especially in my face, and not just from when I started this whole fitness thing, but even from a few weeks ago.

As many of you know I have been losing weight (44 pounds so far), but I really don't see a difference in my appearance. I notice clothes that didn't fit before are fitting now (for example I am wearing a 2XL polo shirt right now, I haven't been able to do that in a long time). I explained this to Tim, and he suggested that I just look at a picture of myself from a little while ago and compare it to a recent one. This had occurred to me, and in fact I have done it but I didn't notice anything. Then Tim's genius was revealed, he said to compare close ups of my face. Brilliant!

I promptly forgot about the idea, until I put on my shirt today. I realized that I had taken a picture of myself sitting in my chair wearing this shirt months ago. Why not take another picture of myself wearing this shirt today and compare it to the other?

So I did, and that's what you see above. I really can see a difference (though ignore the different coloring as I adjusted the levels on the new pic, not so much on the old one).

Is it possible that I lost 44 pounds of face fat? I suppose not, but goodness me I wasn't looking too hot there, though my collar was popped. The real kicker, of course, is that the changes in my lifestyle which resulted in this weight loss were very simple. I mean, I don't really even miss much of anything (other than sweet, sweet Pepsi).

To recap: I have have gone from sexy to sexier in a mere 3 months, at this rate I'll be the sexiest man on the planet in under 5 months. Ladies, now is the time to get on the ground-floor of super sexy Scott. I'm just saying.