Thad being a jackass in Rittenhouse Square
I've got an MP3 player for sale

Blogging outside

I'm telling you, this is going to catch on (as long as the weather is always as nice as it is today). Blogging in the out of doors (that's al fresco for all you eurotrash) is down right civilized. I think I'll be doing this more and more this summer, as it is a nice way to transition from 'Work Scott' to 'Evening Scott' (which isn't really that much of a transition. I'm always ready to party, ladies.).

Now that dusk is settling in, here in Rittenhouse Square, my thoughts turn towards dinner. Since I'm out I might as well pick something up, but the question is what. What delight will fill my belly tonight?

I'll report back later (because you know you are just aching to know every little thing about me).