raina rose loves me
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Raina Rose loves me

Will she still love me tomorrow? No, no I haven't been smitten, nor have I found myself a lady friend, however, I did get a chance to listen to the music of Raina Rose this Saturday.

She bills herself as a folk singer, and what a folk singer she is. She had the Unitarian church a rockin'.

It is very odd for someone who grew up Roman Catholic to go see a concert in a church. I kept thinking that the priest was going to wake up and kick us out or something. However, that didn't happen, and Raina (sister of the talented blogger Marisa) entertained the audience with her songs and her stories (and she gets extra points for making a Batteries Not Included reference at one point during the evening).

I say to you, that you should buy a copy of her album 'Despite the Crushing Weight of Gravity' and do it posthaste (I'm partial to the track called 'Bicycle,' but they are all winners I tells ya)!

Oh, and she was giving out buttons that said 'raina rose loves me' (pictured above) so that explains that.