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Mysterious CD's

Blank_cdAs an IT professional, you would think that I wouldn't make a habit of inserting strange Cd's into my computer.  It seems, you would be wrong.

This morning I got into work and there was an unlabeled CD sitting on the keyboard of my laptop (I use a ThinkPad at work.  ThinkPads are the best PC laptops I have ever used, however, Powerbooks/MacBook Pros are still better than they are.  I am thinking of lobbying for a MacBook when it comes time to get a replacement). Now, as a responsible sys admin I would NEVER just pop a random CD into one of my servers, that goes without saying. Sadly, this same rule doesn't apply to my laptop.

Without a second though I popped the CD into my machine (though to my credit auto-run is disabled so nothing too bad could have happened) and checked to see what it was.

Can you guess what was on that CD?

Go ahead, I'll wait.

No? Well, I'll tell you.  It was an MP3 cd of Little Sparrow and The Grass is Blue (yep, those are both iTunes Music Store links).  What the heck are those, you ask since you don't want to click the links.  They are two albums by Dolly Parton (who I am mildly obsessed with at the moment).

This is one of the benefits to having a blog which almost everyone you work with reads.  Thanks to my mysterious CD gifter!

The moral of the story? If you find a blank CD laying on your computer, just pop it in... security be damned!  Sure, it might be some sort of horrible virus that will hose your system, but more likely the Dolly Parton fairy has visited your machine and you can rock out to the dulcet sounds of Miss Dolly Parton (and if you're lucky Kenny Rogers might be in there somewhere too).