Rome: Engineering an Empire
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Peter Weller: Roman Historian?

robocop.jpgI just finished watching Engineering an Empire and it was fantastic.

As I was watching it a dude appeared on screen talking about the Romans, as you would expect, but it was Peter Weller. I thought to myself, it couldn't be the same Peter Weller that was Robocop, could it?

Well, it turns out it was and it was rather distracting. I kept thinking he would pull out a gun and kill the other historians so that the show would be all about him (he didn't).

Then I thought, why the hell should I listen to Robocop tell me about the Roman Empire? Turns out that he has a Masters degree in Roman and Renaissance art and he is working on his PhD. He knows what he's talking about it seems.

Here's to you, Peter Weller, it seems I underestimated you.

Perhaps I should work on getting a masters degree in Ancient History, the only problem with that is that I suck at foreign languages let along Latin or ancient Greek.