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Neil Diamond Loves Us All

Firstly, I would like to thank Julie again for the free tickets and for attending a concert that she really didn't want to go to. Thanks, Julie!

Julie told me that she exists to serve me, which I didn't know but I will keep in mind for the future.

I would also like to thank Becky, of Good Grief! fame, and Type E for joining us.

Secondly, I want to admit something. When Julie told me that she had secured tickets for the show, and told me the seat numbers I immediately looked at the layout of the Wachovia Center to figure out where we were to be seated.

Behind the stage.

Hmm, I know I should be happy that I get to go to the show for free, but behind the stage? Don't they usually have some sort of backing on the stage therefore making it impossible to see the band? I kept those thoughts to myself, and just enjoyed that fact that I was going to hang out with some friends and see a free concert.

At the Wachovia Center we found our seats and it turned out that they were, in fact, extermely close to the stage; the back of the stage, yes, but there was no back wall as I had feared; in fact, there was nothing on the stage but a guitar. A disembodied voice told us that Neil was the solo act, there would be no intermission (only lesser artists need such things) and that the lights would dim suddenly so please find your seats.

Since we were in our seats we go to talking about how Mr. Diamond would take the stage. Julie was hoping that he would descend from the sky and deliver unto us a kick ass show. I thought he would just, you know, walk on stage.

The lights dimmed, rather suddenly I might add, and the show began. The floor of the stage opened and slowly Neil's back up singers and band rose from underneath the stage and began to play.

Neil climbed up a stairway, which was visible to us since we were behind the stage, and rocked out.

It is clear that this guy has done this before. He sang for a little over 2 hours without a break and he is 64, people! That is something. Julie was keeping tabs on the songs that she recoginized and she tallied 14 (I think) that she knew. At one point she yelled out, 'Play America, Neil!' and the very next song was America.

Ahh, the magic of the Diamond.

Another fun moment happened when Neil started singing Red, Red Wine. Julie turned to me and said, "It is funny that he would play this song," to which I replied, "Well, since he wrote it I think it is ok." Ahh, UB40 with their covering of Neil Diamond songs.

Anywho, I think we all had fun (I know I did) and Neil rocked out with his sequined shirt on.

A few fun things about the concert:

  • A woman directly in front of the stage was using binoculars
  • The women sitting in front of us decided that they could talk to whenever they wanted, and they did
  • Neil Diamond is in better shape than I am
  • As suddenly as the lights dimmed they came back on when the concert was over
  • There were many, many people there

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Julie mentioned, a few times, that the concert had a definite 'church revival' feel to it, and I have to agree. But, in a good way. I believe in the Neil!