Ask Blankbaby

Why haven't there been more Blankbaby Updates?

askblankbaby.jpgSome people (ok, maybe three tops) have asked me why I haven't been posting to Blankbaby as much as I traditionally do.

It is true that things have been rather light around here, and for that I am sorry. I know there are thousands of people out there that can't live without their daily BB hit, and I have deprived you of that.

I do have a few excuses that may or may not appease you though, however, as I was once in my life a boy scout I have to give it a try. If there is one thing that they tell us boy scouts it is 'For the love of God, don't get so close to the fire. What's wrong with you, McNulty? Do you want me to take that fire safety badge away from you? Is that what you want, because I will totally do it, Mister!'

Hmm, in hindsight they may have just said that to me. I'm special.

Anyway, here are my reasons:

  • I have been blogging up a storm over at TUAW
  • I will continue to blog like a madman over there (have you heard, Apple might be switching to Intel chips... I know, I know. No one here cares, but it is big news)
  • For awhile there I wasn't having fun blogging

You will be glad to note that I am most definitely back in the bloggin' saddle and you can expect lots more inanity then even the most devout FOB (Friend of Blankbaby) can handle.

Oh, and if reading Blankbaby doesn't fill your Scott quota (and lord knows it should) you can read my posts (and my posts only) over at TUAW via this link.

Pretty spiffy, huh?

Ask Blanbaby: What happened to Ask Blankbaby?

askblankbaby.jpgThis week's question comes from Sam and she wants to know: "Hey what happened to that "Ask Blankbaby" feature? I was starting to enjoy it, and it disappeared!"

That is an interesting and complex question which deserves an equally interesting and complex answer. And for that answer we must first cast our thoughts to the Aztec Empire. You see the Aztecs not only created ziggurats and a calendar but they also invented the fine art of 'slacking.' Once upon a time a fearsome young Aztec warrior was asked to burn a human heart in honor of one of the gods. His immediate reaction was, 'I'll do it later.'

That young warrior's name? Pro'Cratia'on. And that's where the word procrastination comes from.

So you see, Sam, I just haven't gotten around to doing an Ask Blankbaby because I am a horrible man. And, I haven't gotten any good questions.

See what I did there? I turned the blame onto you, the kind readers of Blankbaby.

Ask Blankbaby: Bond vs. Batman

askblankbaby.jpgFirst off, yes it isn't Friday and Ask Blankbaby is supposed to run every Friday. Since I have a reoccuring social engagement on Fridays (which I will blog about soon) that schedule just isn't feasiable any longer. So, from this day forward Ask Blankbaby shall be run at some point during the weekend. It'll help keep things interesting.

With that out of the way, let's get ready to answer! (Cue slammin' techno beat and synchronized lights).

This week's question comes from Philadelphia's own Lunabomber, Dave Luna:

"Here's a question that I've been turning around in my head: Who would
win in a fight between James Bond and Batman?"

This is a tough one, indeed. Now, once again the question isn't as clear as I would like. Are the two only allowed to use their fists and wits? And which Batman are we talking about; Adam West, Michael Keaton, George Clooney, or any number of others? And which Bond? Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, or Pierce Brosnan? Since it is left up to me, I am going to choose Adam West at his prime, and Sean Connery, by most accounts the quintessential Bond (and if you're interested in James Band and skin issues, and really who isn't, check out this page).

Now the meat of the question, sans gadgets (my choice) who would win in a West v. Connery fight. My money is on Connery for one reason, I think he as Bond would fight dirty whereas West's Batman would never stoop to such a level. Now, if we were talking about Frank Miller's Batman things would turn out a little differently.

So there you have it, Connery would kick West's ass. Remember to send in your questions to me and you may one day have your question answered by Philadelphia's Most Influential Blogger™

Ask Blankbaby: What's up with Free Elections in Iraq?

askblankbaby.jpgOur second question comes from P. Laskow, my office mate and archnemesis, and I quote:

"Although the Bush administration remains adamant that Iraqi elections will go off as planned on January 30th, it seems as though the country is way too unstable to guarantee a fully free and fair poll. On the other hand, delaying the vote would likely be construed as a victory for the insurgency, perhaps further diminishing the eventual chances for a stable Iraq. You seem like a pretty smart guy… what’s the best course of action - to delay or not to delay???"

I think that we have to support our President in, like, all that he does. Oh, wait, that's Britney Spears' answer not mine.

I think it is critical we go ahead with the elections on the appointed time. Will they be peaceful? Will they be fair? Will they even be free? I doubt it, but democracy certainly isn't prefect but you've gotta start somewhere. I truly believe that while we went into Iraq for the wrong reasons, we need to clean up the mess that we made. Elections are a step in the right direction.

And I am willing to bet that the first Iraqi election will have a larger voter turnout than our most recent election.

Remember, folks, you too can ask me a question. You can either leave your question in the comments, or email it directly to me.

Ask Blankbaby: Franklin, Elvis, Fake World Peace, or Real Love Park Saviour

askblankbaby.jpgOur first question comes from knowmoore, and I quote:

"If you had to choose one of the following choices to choose between...

Having the personality and intelligence of Ben Franklin... vs... Having the
talent and sex appeal of Elvis............OR.............Next year, be
credited for establishing total world peace without actually having done it
(and without anyone ever knowing that but you)... vs... being credited for
bringing back Love Park and actually having done it."

An interesting question indeed. Now, I must admit that I like Elvis, and fake world peace is tempting. I can do without Love Park (Philadelphians don't hate me), however I would have to go with having the personality and intelligence of Ben Franklin.

I am happy with my own personality, but since it is a package deal I'll take both. I mean, come on, he invented the Franklin stove, the Franklin desk, the bifocal, the armonica, he was quite the ladies' man, and he helped shape our country. There is the unfortunate business of him supporting the turkey as the national symbol, but I think I can over look that since he founded the university that employs me, started the first library, fire department, and hospital in Philadelphia.

Keep those questions coming. I do have two questions that I didn't use this week that will remain in the queue, but remember that I am very wise.

New Feature: Ask Blankbaby

askblankbaby.jpgI am been mulling over doing 'Ask Blankbaby,' for awhile, but a conversation with Paul today sold me on the idea. Basically, he thought it was a good idea, so I figured what the heck.

Here is how it works, every Friday there will be a new 'Ask Blankbaby' post in which I will answer one question from a reader of Blankbaby. The question can be about anything and everything; as we all know I am a wise and powerful man.

I hope to have the inaugural 'Ask Blankbaby' post this Friday, so email
those questions to me. If I don't get a question by Friday the first post will appear next Friday (see how flexible I am).

And ladies, if your question is asking me out please list your interests as well as your blog URL.

What do you think of the logo? I think it is 'clever,' just like me. Thanks again to Patricia for the awesome picture of me.