Hi, I’m Scott!

I’ve been blogging for a long, long time. Way back before it was cool, while it was cool, and then after it was no longer cool. I remained uncool the entire time.

I live in Philadelphia with my lovely wife Marisa and our twin boys. I write occasionally, read often, and tweet more than I should.

Blankbaby, indeed.

I also podcast on occasion:

  • Random Trek: I talk to a guest about a random episode of Star Trek.
  • Total Party Kill: A podcast in which D&D is played over the internet. I DM the Dark Sun campaign.
  • Vulcan Hello: I discuss each week’s new episode of Star Trek with my pal Jason Snell. We record right after we’ve watched, so it is more of an instant impressions situation.

What’s up with this whole “blankbaby” business?

When I was in college the internet was just gaining some traction. I was pretty sure it would amount to much, because I’m a futurist, but I needed a screenname for some service or another. I was into the band The Presidents of the United States of America at the time and they had a song called “Blank Baby.” I liked it, and an internet persona was born!