We’ve got a walker!

When we transitioned the boys into beds (basically removing one set of bars from their cribs to make little beds) we were afraid that we’d have free-range twins on our hands.

However, Sammy and Declan didn’t seem to realize they could just get out of bed without permission. This was great because we didn’t have toddlers just running rampant, but also bad because if they needed to pee they would holler until one of us… ok, ok.. until Marisa got up to help them.

A couple of nights ago all was quiet in the apartment. Marisa and I were tucked up in our beds slumbering as one does at 2am. All of a sudden our door slams open and in walks a tired, and slightly scared, Sammy.

He needed a snuggle from his mom, so there wasn’t anything truly wrong.

Sam is now aware that no bed can contain him. I fear for the world.

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