Stan’s Donuts

I spent a good portion of last week in Chicago for a conference (Yes, I left my hermit cave to avoid interacting with people in a very large convention center for a few days! I’m a surprised as you are). Whilst there I had no intention of tasting the wares of a local doughnutery, and yet who could I resist when after a very, very long walk I found myself in front of Stan’s Donuts?

Stan’s branding is topnotch, though they do get demerits for the use of “donut.” Come on, people. 

But my persnickety doughnut spelling preferences aside, what did I think of their wares?

I popped in and was pleased to see a case full of delicious looking doughnuts laid out for me to easily decide what to get. 

I resisted the temptation of a glazed pretzel and opted for my traditional review choices: a glazed doughnut (raised) and a maple long john (cake, I think). 

The glazed doughnut was very good. Light, sweet, and substantial. It didn’t feel like too much or not enough. Would eat again. 

The maple long John wasn’t as successful for me. Not a maple forward as I would have liked, and it felt a touch heavy. I wish I had gotten that glazed pretzel instead. 

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