Voodoo Doughnut

The doughnut journey continues, after a brief pause for non-doughnut related activities.

Now, if you know only one thing about Portland’s doughnut scene it is probably the fact that Voodoo Doughnuts is here (and in several other places).

The time has come for me to visit this fan favorite (to be clear, I’ve been here several times before… but I went again today).

I should say that I was expecting to be unimpressed by their offerings. Voodoo’s whole thing is the experience and the wackiness, which I like, but I like a very good doughnut more.

I ordered a Maple Cream and a Glazed (and a few doughnuts for other people):

Here’s the shocker: the maple cream was really good. So good, I ate the whole thing before taking a handheld pic. Oops! It was a little too sweet, but I can forgive it that. I had thought that it would be filled with maple cream, which probably would have been too much of a good thing. It is, however, filled with Bavarian cream which is the right choice.

The glazed doughnut, on the other hand, was very disappointing. I ate the whole thing so it couldn’t have been that bad… but it was sort of bland and unmemorable.

It certainly didn’t live up to Voodoo’s branding. I mean, this guy wouldn’t condone bland doughnuts:

My verdict on Voodoo remains the same: they are pretty good but certainly not worth waiting more than 5 minutes for.

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  1. I was listening to one of your Vulcan Hello podcasts this morning and while I knew who Jason was, I thought I’d find out who this McNulty character is and found this. I went to school in Philly eons ago and live in the Portland area. Welcome to the best weather in the country! Voodoo is far from the best donut in Portland (although most famous). Portland Citycast podcast did a recent episode on donut shops – their favorites include Blue Star (overpriced but good), Delicious Donuts (solid traditional donuts), and Doe Donuts (vegan). I also like Pips. Portland has also received recent kudos for great pizza believe it or not. Ken’s Artisan, Apizza Scholls, and Nostrana (which is also a high end Italian restaurant) all snagged top 50 US pizza awards. That said, it’s hard to beat South Philly Italian food. And boy do I miss those Hoagies and canolis!! To burn off some calories – check out the Japanese Garden and Rose Garden with beautiful city views – and you can’t beat a drive out to Multnomah Falls in the gorge. I hope you enjoy our beautiful area!

    • Thanks for listening! I didn’t make it clear in this post that I’m sampling lots of the local doughnuts. In fact, I just posted something about Delicious Donuts!

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