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Sesame Donuts

Another day, another doughnut! This time we find ourselves sampling the wares of Sesame Donuts, another local Portland doughnut chain (Portland is home to so many doughnut shops, and I have no idea why).

The only doughnut related mystery we find at Sesame Donuts is the case of the missing menu on their website. Now, I know that Sesame Donuts isn’t going to be shipping their doughnuts to people, but their website should really list the various sorts of doughnuts one might expect to find in one of their several locations. But it doesn’t. Why? Who knows?

This doughnut trip was a family affair as I was joined by fellow tasters Marisa, Sammy, and Declan.

Sammy was excited to see they had a pink frosted doughnut with sprinkles (his favorite color) and Declan was excited to see a chocolate frosted doughnut (his favorite flavor). Marisa was excited to see that this unassuming little doughnut shop had some interesting flavors alongside your more typical fare. She needed up getting a Sesame Donut and a Cinnamon Guava.

To maintain our high testing standards at Blankbaby I got a maple bar (and a cheeky glaze doughnut, which you can see just peeking out from under the maple bar).

At the moment, I’m prepared to say that so far Sesame Donut makes the best maple bar of the lot. The dough was light and didn’t taste of fat. The maple frosting was assertive but not aggressive and the whole thing was sweet but not sickly sweet.

The glazed doughnut was good too.

The junior testers reported high levels of satisfaction with their choices as well.

And Marisa was very into her two more esoteric choices (I had a nibble of the sesame donut which is the love child of a sesame bagel and a glazed doughnut… and surprisingly good).

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