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Pip’s Doughnuts & Chai

My time in Portland is coming to a close, and I think this will be the last doughnut shop we visit! It would be nice to end on a high note, but I’m just not a fan of Pip’s Orginal Doughnuts (though they get points for using the right spelling).

Pip’s thing is that their doughnuts are tiny and made right as you order them. This means that they’re all the same doughnut base with toppings… and there are only 6 varieties on the menu at any time.

I got 6 doughnuts in my order: Candied Maple Bacon, Raspberry (seasonal), Cinnamon Sugar, and Raw Honey & Sea Salt.

I will say that the candied bacon maple packs a big bacon punch… but not much of a maple punch. The raw honey and sea salt was salty and sweet, as you might expect. I just don’t like the doughnuts themselves, which means I’d say skip the Pips (I didn’t try their chai, which may be great!).

I will say they have a very strong merch game (I have one of these shirts and love it).

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