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Heavenly Donuts

Another day in Portland and another doughnut! This time around I walked a mile to eat a doughnut from Heavenly Donuts.

Our last doughnut entry included a mystery around the apostrophe, and this one includes the “Mystery of the Missing S.” The place is called Heavenly Donuts, and yet the website is What is going on with America’s small doughnut chains?

Anyway, attempting to have some sort of order with this project, I ordered myself a maple bar (and a glazed doughnut, not pictured):

Once I walked into Heavenly Donuts and saw the maple bars, I knew I was in for trouble. There’s this compulsion for doughtnuteries to slap bacon onto their maple bars, and this is a mistake. The chewiness of the bacon is an unwelcome addition to the doughnut experience and (for me) overwhelms the pleasing taste addition that bacon brings (yes, I agree that maple and bacon are a good combo).

The doughnut itself was light and fluffy. The maple glaze didn’t taste artificial nor too sweet, but the bacon was too chewy for my taste. It stuck in my teeth and just detracted from a fine maple bar.

The glazed doughnut, on the other hand, was fantastic.

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