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Donut World

Donut World isn’t in Portland, but it is very nearby in Gresham, and was on our way somewhere else… so we stopped by.
I enjoy any business that calls itself “Donut World” and then decides, for some inscrutable reason, to house itself in a store that looks like a little red barn. “Donut Farm” or “Donut Barn” both strike me as fine names, but it is a Donut World, and I’m just living in it. 

I’m a sucker for a simple, cheap doughnut done right. I bought 6 doughnuts for $7, and they were darn tasty (I only had two, but you know what I mean).
I bought a maple bar and a glazed doughnut for myself, as I do. The counterperson misunderstood me and also added a glazed vanilla cream-filled doughnut. I ate that one instead of my usual glazed, and it was so good. 
The maple bar was very fresh and very tasty. 

Donut World isn’t worth a special trip, especially since there are so many other Portland options, but if you find yourself in the vicinity of this funky fake barn, you should stop and pick up a dozen delights. 

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