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Doe Donuts

Marisa went to the Hollywood Farmers Market this morning and was kind enough to make a doughnut stop for me.

Doe Donuts is just a crueler’s throw away from the farmers market. On the surface, this doughnut shop isn’t in the Scott McNulty doughnut sweet spot for two reasons:

Now, vegan options are getting better and better these days. We even have a pretty good vegan doughnut place in Philadelphia. However, it has been my experience that an excellent vegan doughnut and a good doughnut aren’t the same things.

I got a maple twist (which I like the idea of more than a bar, to be honest) and their plain glazed option, which isn’t plain at all. It is Salted Vanilla Bean (savory doughnuts are one of their things).

Judging it as a regular doughnut, the twist was pretty disappointing. It tasted like vaguely sweet, kinda mapley bread. Do not recommend.

The salted vanilla bean was pretty tasty and fantastic, judged as a vegan doughnut. It did finish a little saltier than I would have liked, but I’d totally eat one again.

If you’re a vegan, you should get some Doe Donuts. If you’re eating with a vegan, again, Doe Donuts is worth your time. Just looking for a doughnut? There are better options out there.

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