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Delicious Donuts

Sometimes you can have a superior product but the experience isn’t up to snuff.

Now, I should say that Delicious Donuts’ shop is very cute. Seems to have plenty of seating for folks, and the vibes are on point.

Sadly, they only have one display case for their doughnuts and they are just all hanging out in there. It was impossible for me to figure out what they had on offer without asking.

Interacting with a human? Gross.

Their doughnuts? Delectable. I feel like there may be another word I could use, but it escapes me.

The maple bar and glazed doughnut I had were, so far, the best. Both light, but still with substance. Sweet, but not sickeningly. And the shop is a family business, which is always nice.

You should brave the human interaction and get yourself a Delicious Donut or 12.

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