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Tim Cook’s Creepy Eyes

I, along with many other nerds, watched Apple’s WWDC keynote the other day. That’s the big event wherein they announced the Apple Vision Pro – their AR/VR headset.

Now, I haven’t used it though a few people whose opinions I trust had a chance to stick their heads in one (Jason and John) and they were very impressed by the tech.

One thing I noticed, and some boffins on the Internets started chatting about, was the fact that not one Apple exec appeared in the keynote video wearing an Apple Vision Pro. Some wondered what this might signal, and I can tell you want it signals – Apple has a great PR team.

They knew that if Tim Cook was wearing one the only image that would appear in all the news stories would be a picture of Tim Cook with this thing on his head and his creepy digital eyes peering out at the audience.

Not good.

It is pretty clear (get it?) to me that Apple has a lot of work to do on the eye projection on the front of the Vision Pro (that part of the product wasn’t demoed, probably because even when it is working well it is super creepy looking… Apple could vastly improve it before shipping, and I’m sure they want to!).

Mystery solved!

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