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Infinity Gate by M.R. Carey ****


I don’t know about you, but I do this thing where if I hear about a book that sounds interesting, I log onto my library’s website and place a hold. Since I live in a fairly populous city, and the publishing industry has a crazy system for lending ebooks, that means I often have a long wait ahead of me.

So long, in fact, that generally, I have no memory of placing the hold when I get the email letting me know my book is ready. So so long, in fact, that often I don’t recall why I put a particular book on hold. I think of these books as little presents from past me.

Infinity Gate showed up on my Kindle several weeks ago, and there it sat. I didn’t recall anything about it, and I didn’t feel like reading it.

I resisted reading it for a long time. There wasn’t a particular reason for this resistance – I just didn’t want to read it. I didn’t even know what it was about. To illustrate how little I knew, I thought M.R. Carey was a woman (he’s not), and this was their first book (it really isn’t!).

I finally broke down and read it so I could download other library books to my Kindle.

Bonus Tech Tip

Have an ebook that’s almost due back to the library? Put your Kindle in airplane mode, and the ebook will stay on your Kindle AND be returned to your library for someone else to take out.

The perfect crime. The perfect BOOK crime.

Once I started reading Infinity Gate, I realized I was a fool for not starting sooner. This is a good old-fashioned, multiverse-spanning sci-fi romp with AI, power armor, clueless individuals, and a variety of aliens that aren’t really aliens. Plus, a moon-sized computer, an AI army, and a petty bureaucrat trying to get back what he thinks is his rightful place in the world.

The idea of a “space empire” composed entirely of alternate versions of Earth is an idea that seems so obvious, but I don’t recall reading anything like it before (I’m sure there are many examples, but this was my first exposure to this idea!).

It is a lot of fun, and if you like wide canvas space opera, I think you’ll enjoy this.

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