A late fathers’ day gift decloaks

I’m lucky enough to have two things going for me: reasonable desires and gainful employment.

This combination means that if I want something, I buy it for myself, which is great! It also means that I’m difficult to buy presents for because I don’t want much stuff and the stuff I do want I’ve already bought for myself.

That’s generally not a problem because I’m not someone who engenders gift-giving desires in others. But when a holiday like fathers’ day rolls around we’ve got a problem. (It isn’t really a problem, though, since I don’t really need any gifts!).

Luckily, ridiculous models of Star Trek starships are a thing that exist AND a thing that I like. Why? Look at the above picture. ‘Nuff said.

The D’Deridex class Romulan warbird from TNG has long been one of my favorite ships from Star Trek. When I saw the model was on offer from the people who bought Eaglemoss (a company that made models of various sci-fi ships before they went bankrupt) I was moments away from buying it… and I realized this sort of silly thing is an ideal Fathers’ Day gift! I told Marisa and figured she’d forgotten when Fathers’ Day rolled around and there was no tiny ship waiting for me.

But she hadn’t forgotten! It just took forever to ship the ship. It arrived the other day and I love it. The model is great. The stand it comes with is awful (which is par for the course with Eaglemoss models, to be honest).

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