Banning books is always dumb

Calliope Price, 14 and in the eighth grade, came out to meet Alan Gratz — author of the “banned” young-adult novel about climate change, Two Degrees — after hearing about the controversy and realizing that Gratz had also written her favorite book, which is called, ironically, Ban This Book. Holding her now-signed copy, she weighed in on Kutztown Area Middle School canceling a planned “One School, One Book” program amid conservative complaints a climate book would somehow scare or indoctrinate adolescents.

“I think it’s really stupid,” she said.

The day the book banners lost in Pennsylvania’s culture wars

Will Bunch’s article is pretty one sided, and you know what? I’m okay with that because there’s only one side to book banning – it is wrong.

But, Scott, what if you disagree with something in a book?!

Oh, grow up. That’s the whole point of reading. To broaden your sights and consider views you may not have encountered before. Books should start conversations.

Good job, teens of Kutztown. Boo to the people trying to ban books.

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