The Mountain in the Sea by Ray Nayler *****


If I hadn’t read “Hopeland” this year, “The Mountain in the Sea” would be the best book I’ve read all year (I know it is only March, but I have read 16 books so far this year). Second isn’t too bad, and this is really a very good book (that’s the sort of intellegent insight you have come to expect from my book reviews).

This book feels near future-ish, though it could be a little further in the future than I think.

The central tenet of the book is: what if we find intelligent life in the universe? Pretty run of the mill, but Nayler wonders what would happen if we found it here on Earth.

But that’s not all; this book grapples with what it means to be conscious, what it takes to keep the modern world running, and the things people do to make connections.

I’m having a very good book year so far, and you will, too, with this book on your list!

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