Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis lied about election claims? I’m shocked.

In an opinion accepting a censure agreement between Yates and Ellis, Large noted that Ellis has agreed that her statements about the election being stolen were misrepresentations, which he said were made “with at least a reckless state of mind.” Ellis also agreed that she, “through her conduct, undermined the American public’s confidence in the presidential election, violating her duty of candor to the public,” Large wrote, adding that “a selfish motive” and “a pattern of misconduct” were aggravating factors in the case.

Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis censured in Colorado for false election claims – Colorado Newsline

I’m not really shocked that all these Trump people were lying since it was obvious at the time. I continue to be shocked that they would do it in service of Donald Trump.

Sure, you want your party to be in power. But hitching your wagon to Trump is never a good long-term idea. He’s only concerned about himself and will happily use up all those around him to further his own goals (which seem to be: more people talking about him and giving him money).

Anyway, his whole pack of stooges deserves what they end up getting. He’ll be just fine.

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