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Descendant Machine by Gareth L. Powell ****


I don’t know about you, but I keep a running list of books I want to read after I finish whatever it is I’m currently reading. The list isn’t hard and fast and can change on a whim.

I wasn’t planning on reading Descendant Machine anytime soon but then I craved a story with some spaceships in it. And I knew Gareth L. Powell would provide spaceships aplenty, based on his previous novels.

Reader, there are many, many spaceships in this book. And lots of “big dumb objects.” And aliens. And swearing. And sassy AIs. And sudden, extreme violence.

This is a book set in Powell’s “Continuance” universe though it is a stand-alone book (the previous Continuance book, Stars and Bones, is also quite good). In this universe, humanity has been kicked off of Earth and sentenced to wander between the stars in some very high-tech ark ships for our crimes. And then hijinks ensue.

If you’re looking for some good space opera, this is the book for you! Then you can go and read the previous one… or you can read the previous one first since Descendant Machine doesn’t come out until April 11th.

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