Amazon won’t sell this audio book… or will they?

Red Team Blues is my next novel, a post-cyberpunk anti-finance finance thriller; it’s a major title for my publishers Tor Books and Head of Zeus, and it’s swept the trade press with starred reviews all ’round. Despite all that, Audible will not sell the audiobook. In fact, Audible won’t sell any of my audiobooks. Instead, I have to independently produce them and sell them through Kickstarter:
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That’s a good clickbait title, but the reason Amazon “won’t” sell Cory’s books is because he “won’t” allow them to put DRM on the books. That’s Cory’s right, of course, and it is also Amazon’s right to not to sell the books!

I do find the idea that this “forces” Cory to spend all sorts of money to produce his own super expensive audio versions to be a bit of a stretch. He’s taking a moral stand and dealing with the repercussions of that. No one is forcing him to do anything!

But I’m sure he’ll sell lots of audiobooks.

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