When you’re here, you’re family. Until you’re fired.

I find it super annoying when companies tell their staff that they are like a “big family.” It is meaningless and downright insulting.

Salesforce has really embraced the whole family thing. Which makes laying off a bunch of people a little odd:

Last month, Salesforce said it would lay off 10 percent of its staff, a decision that seemed to go against Mr. Benioff’s repeated declarations that the company was one big family.


Marc Benioff goes on to say that Salesforce has laid people off before, and some times families can be tough.

True, though I’ve never been laid off from my family.

At least Marc seems to not be one of those billionaires in a bubble caused by tremendous wealth and power. Let’s keep reading the article:

It was a rough month at Salesforce. Mr. Benioff went to one of his favorite places, French Polynesia, for a 10-day digital detox.

I’m sure he probably took his family with him. And none of the laid off employees. Because they aren’t his family.

Now, I should say that Benioff has done lots of good with his money, and I applaud him for that. I just find the whole “we are a family!” Until profits dip slightly to be gross. Just be real: your employees are paid to do a job. They get compensated for that. You want the company to be a nice place to work, but it is really all about profits at the end of the day.

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