Treacle Walker by Alan Garner ****


My journey of reading all the Booker (2022) nominated books continues, lest you thought I gave up.

“Treacle Walker” by Alan Garner is super short, super impressive, and super strange. It is a metafictional fable about a boy (?) who lives in house, likes comic books, and meets a rag and bone man, the titular Treacle Walker, and then very strange things start to happen.

Does anyone else live in the house? I don’t know! What does Joe (the boy) look like? Not sure, but I know he has a lazy eye (which becomes much less lazy as the book progresses).

I don’t want to say much more about the plot because it is both straightforward and bonkers at the same time.

Considering how short this book is, I’d recommend it to folks who like fairy tales, experimental writing, and marbles.

Very few places have it in stock, so I’m only including an Amazon link. But do support your Indie bookstores!

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