Buying Kindle books with points

I have been known, on occasion, to buy a Kindle book or two. I also just so happen to have an Amazon Visa card I use to make all my Amazon purchases so I can accrue reward points.

I mostly use these points to buy Kindle books because I have a problem (don’t worry, I also buy way too many books from indie bookstores). If I wanted to use my points to buy a Kindle book, I used to have to buy myself an Amazon Gift card with points and then use the gift card balance. Not a great system, but it worked!

Today when I went to buy a book and saw that you can now use your Amazon Reward points without jumping through any hoops. Hurrah for improvements!

3 responses to “Buying Kindle books with points”

  1. But if you apply those points as a statement credit (at the same $ rate), you can then use your credit card to buy the Kindle book and earn more points…!

    • I’ve been leaving points on the table this entire time! Though I must admit while this is a smarter way to spend them, it doesn’t seem as satisfying as when you see that price at the checkout is $0.

      • I don’t disagree, but there is some satisfaction in watching your credit card statement shrink.

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