Apple Watch Ultra on my not so Ultra wrist

Yesterday I had to go to the Apple Store to get my 5-day-old Beat Flex headphones fixed (that’s for another blog post, but I assumed they would just give me a new set, but they had to send them out for repair since I bought them from Target).

While I was there I thought I’d see if the Apple Watch Ultra looked silly on my wrist. If I thought it looked ok I was thinking about buying one since I’m an extreme athlete (ok, I just like orange). The Apple person helping me said she bought a Series 8 because she thought the Ultra was too big and ugly. Until she saw one in person (she was wearing one).

Long story short – I ended up spending a lot of money getting my $50 headphones fixed.

Though I do like that orange band, so it was all worth it. And it makes my wrists look so slender!

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