Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt ****


I don’t know much about Jenna Bush, but I have to imagine we have very few things in common:

  • She likes to read.
  • Her father’s an alcoholic.
  • We both liked “Remarkably Bright Creatures.”

That might be the whole list. And even then, our enjoyment of this book couldn’t be more different. I like it and maybe a few people reading might pick it up. Jenna likes it and she adds it to her “Read with Jenna” bookclub. Boom, it is a bestseller.

She picked a good one here, folks. And this is the second book in a row that made me tear up. Darn friendly octopuses.

The plot of the book does rather depend on a very high amount of coincidences and silly misunderstandings. It was almost to the point of annoying me when I realized if that was the part of the book I was annoyed with and not the fact that one of the narrators was an octopus in an aquarium tank then something in this book was working for me.

Sure, the overall plot doesn’t include any real surprises but it does tug on the heart strings and resolves itself in a very satisfying way. And sometimes, darn it, that’s what you want!

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