My Kindle Scribe review… on Six Colors?!

I have a lot of Kindles

I pre-ordered a Kindle Scribe as soon as they were available because I wanted one. And I figured I’d write up a little review that no one would read here on this blog. Then, my friend Jason asked if I was planning to review the Scribe. I was, and he said he’d be interested in running the review on Six Colors. And so, here’s my Kindle Scribe review on Six Colors:

I like big books, and I cannot lie. Trade paperbacks and hardcovers are my preferred format when it comes to physical books. Admittedly, they do not offer the best reading experience anywhere other than in a nice comfy chair. (Yes, sometimes I have to leave the confines of my home. I don’t like it.)

This preference extends into ereaders as well. I’ve always been a fan of the Kindle, though the folks at Amazon seem to think that the “paperback” size is the way to go. I assume this is based on the fact that very few people bought their previous giant Kindle variants: DX and DX Graphite (I have both, and I really liked them. If only they had chopped off the keyboard, they might have created my ideal Kindle. Hey, wait a minute…).

Enter the $339 Kindle Scribe. There’s now a market for note-taking tablets, and it would seem Amazon would like to dominate it. While the Kindle DX was sold as a Kindle that you could take notes with, it really sucked at taking notes. Can the Kindle Scribe improve on that experience?

Kindle Scribe review: Big, beautiful, and… buttonless? – Six Colors

I’m a big fan of Six Colors, and not just because Jason is a friend of mine. He’s built a great site and has a very small group of contributors. I always, secretly, wanted to join that elite group, and by gum now I have!

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